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2008 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2008 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Study Abroad Programs & Internships





This summer, turn the world into your classroom. Immerse yourself in Italian culture; learn business practices first hand in China, Ireland, or The Netherlands; find yourself on the French Riviera or on the coast of Ireland, or learn to speak Spanish like a Spaniard and much more.Â

An international experience benefits students by offering a global outlook that emphasizes the ties among nations and cultures. In addition, it enhances career preparation by teaching valuable cross-cultural and workplace skills that are extremely critical to employers in building their work force. Study abroad can be fun and educational. Much of the experience comes from coping with the challenges of, and learning to adapt to, a foreign environment. Living in another country fosters patience, changes attitude, develops maturity and self-confidence, and enhances understanding of our complex world. A carefully chosen overseas study program can contribute not only to academic and personal growth but to career goals as well.

At Hofstra University, we pride ourselves on the diverse selection of study abroad programs available. Whether students choose to study abroad to enhance the level of a specific language or culture or to expand the knowledge of a specific concentration, they can find an appropriate program. Hofstra offers various program lengths, from one semester to a full year, or during the winter or summer sessions. Students who are interested in studying abroad should meet with a study abroad coordinator. For more information call (516) 463-6947, or e-mail: studyabroad@hofstra.edu.

Hofstra in China


Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Hofstra in China HCLAS program will establish its base in Shanghai. The program will take place at East China Normal University, which boasts the most beautiful campus in Shanghai. While taking courses in Chinese language, culture and literature, students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural excursions. A two-and-a-half-day visit to Beijing constitutes a final highlight of the program.

Course offerings include: ASST 11; LIT 87; CHIN 1 through 5; CHIN 3A, 110 and advanced Chinese classes beyond CHIN 5. Students can take either three or six credits.

Participants in the Hofstra in China Program will pay a program fee in addition to Hofstra tuition and fees for three to six undergraduate credits.
For further information about the program, please contact the program director: Dr. Zuyan Zhou, Department of Comparative Literature and Languages, at (516) 463-5438 or or Zuyan.Zhou@hofstra.edu.

Zarb School in China (Beijing)

The Zarb School’s program in China offers Hofstra business students the opportunity to integrate their knowledge about international business/marketing gained in classrooms by exposing them to real-life business environment in China, the fastest-growing economy in the world. Through such field experiences, students gain valuable experiential insights and perspectives that enhance and supplement their learning at Hofstra University. Students take MKT/IB 170 International Marketing in two stages: they attend three weeks of classes on campus where they learn about international marketing, and then they travel to China to experience the subject first hand and attend more lectures at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. Students will visit businesses and learn about business practices in China. Local scholars and company personnel will give guest lectures to expose students to the local environment. For further information about Zarb School in China, please contact Dr. Yong Zhang, Department of Marketing and International Business, 127 Weller Hall, (516) 463-5713. or Yong.Zhang@hofstra.edu.

Hofstra in Israel (May 27-June 29)


The Hofstra in Israel program is based at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva. Ben-Gurion University (BGU) is the
No. 1 rated university by Israeli students, and Beer Sheva, Israel’s fourth largest city, is the “capital” of Israel’s southern region. BGU is a safe, modern, and dynamic campus with a student body drawn from all of Israel’s religious and ethnic communities. High-speed train service stopping directly on campus allows students to travel to Tel Aviv in about an hour, while downtown Beer Sheva and the desert canyons of the Negev are only minutes away. BGU offers a chance to discover Israel from the inside.

A three credit course, “The Problem of Place in Hebrew Literature,” examines significant works of contemporary Israeli fiction, poetry, and popular culture in translation. These materials consider how the narration of a landscape contributes to the formation of national identities. The selection of diverse voices and materials exposes students to the social, political, and historical changes wrought by the rise of modern day Israel. We will not only read Israeli literature, but also explore the landscapes that our reading describes. The purpose of our travels together is to come in direct contact with several important sites in Israeli mythology: Tel Aviv (the cosmopolitan center), Jerusalem (the spiritual center), kibbutz (the utopian center), and the desert (the prophetic center).

The program director will staff these excursions, all of which will be led by professional guides, and arranged through and accompanied by the security services of the Ben-Gurion Overseas Student Program. For more information, contact Professor Adam Rovner in the Department of Comparative Literature and Languages, 322B Calkins Hall, or email at: Adam.Rovner@hofstra.edu.

Italian Odyssey (May 30-June 28)


Journey with us as we explore both the cultural and intellectual history of Italy in an exciting interdisciplinary program. The adventure begins in the picturesque town of Sorrento, Italy, located on western Italy’s Amalfi Coast at the southern tip of the Bay of Naples. Our stay in Sorrento we will also include excursions to the Greek ruins at Paestum, the buried cities of Pompei and Herculaneum (Ercolano), and the wonderfully complex city of Naples. Next we move on to the Eternal City of Rome, where we will explore the crossroads of the Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance ages, visiting the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain, as well as St. Peter’s and the Vatican museums. We conclude our trip in Florence. Here we will be exposed to the glory of Renaissance art and architecture, while making time to revel in the beauty of the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

The six credit Italian Odyssey program is composed of two 3-credit Hofstra University courses (both taught in English) which begins at Hofstra: 1) From Rome to Renaissance: An Intellectual Odyssey, taught by Professor Linda Longmire and 2) Human Values, team-taught by Professors Greg Maney and Tim Smith. Students are required to take both courses.

Participants in the Italian Odyssey program will pay a program fee in addition to Hofstra tuition and fees for six undergraduate credits.

For more information and an application for the New College Italian Odyssey Program contact one of the following: Professor John Teehan, (516) 463-6412, John.P.Teehan@hofstra.edu; Professor Linda Longmire, (516) 463-5828, Linda.A.Longmire@hofstra.edu.

Hofstra in Ireland (June 30-July 17)


Spend three weeks in Galway on Ireland’s breathtaking Atlantic coast, experience Dublin’s emergence as a global city, and attend cultural events like plays, films, and music festivals. Ireland is known as the Island of Saints and Scholars and, more recently, as the home of the booming Celtic Tiger economy. Hofstra now offers an exceptional opportunity to study these aspects of Irish life and history and more in English and business classes.

This year we are offering two courses: ENGL 123, 20th Century Anglo-Irish Drama; MKT 131, Principles of Advertising (with a special focus on Ireland).

Zarb School of Business students have the opportunity to integrate their knowledge about international business/marketing/advertising gained in classrooms with the real-life business environment in Ireland, European Union’s strongest economy. Through classroom studies with an emphasis on the host country and specific field experiences related to the subject taught, students gain valuable insights and perspectives that enhance and supplement their learning at Hofstra University. Students take MKT 131 Principles of Advertising at the National University of Ireland in Galway. In addition, students visit sites related to learning about business and advertising practices in Ireland, listen to guest lecturers, and participate in local trips and a trip to Dublin to visit some of the well-known advertisement agencies in Ireland.

Participants in Hofstra in Ireland will pay a program fee in addition to Hofstra tuition and fees for 3 or 6 undergraduate credits. The program cost includes: round-trip airfare (New York-Ireland-New York), transportation from airport in Ireland to accommodation in Galway; student accommodation at the National University of Ireland, Galway for three weeks; excursions to areas of interest; film and theater events during Galway’s Film Festival and the Galway Arts Festival; and a weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland. Deadline for non-refundable deposit ($200): March 6, 2008. For more information please contact the director: Dr. Charles Mc-Mellon, Department of Marketing and International Business, Frank G. Zarb School of Business, 223 Weller Hall, (516) 463-6450, or Charles.A.McMellon@hofstra.edu.

Hofstra in Spain (July 2-August 3)


The 2008 Hofstra Summer Program in Spain will be based in Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO World Heritage City in the northwest of the country. Santiago is an exceptionally beautiful city; its medieval and Renaissance streets and architecture are enchanting.

The University of Santiago de Compostela, where classes will be held, is over 500 years old, and enjoys an outstanding tradition of learning. With its ancient buildings, archives, libraries, and courtyards, the campus is extremely attractive; it is fully equipped with modern facilities and technologies.

By taking part in the program you will enjoy the opportunity to travel to Madrid. We offer full tours of major cultural attractions, including the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art, and the Royal Palace.

The program is open, until place are filled, to both Hofstra and non-Hofstra students. We offer a full range of language courses that will help fulfill University requirements, from the introductory level upward, taught by expert professors from the University of Santiago. In addition, we provide an exciting variety of courses in Spanish literature and language, and one English-language distribution course in history, all taught by experienced Hofstra faculty The program may be of particular interest to majors and minors in Spanish, Latin American and Caribbean studies and history, as well as to graduate students in Spanish, but we welcome applications from all motivated and responsible students and graduates from Hofstra and beyond. Students must take six undergraduate or graduate credits.

Participants in the Hofstra in Spain Program will pay a program fee in addition to Hofstra tuition and fees for six undergraduate (or graduate) credits.

For more information about the Spain program, please contact the director: Dr. Vicente Lledo-Guillem at (516) 463-4623 or


Hofstra in Sorrento (June 25-July 31)


Hofstra’s five-week summer program in Sorrento, a seaside resort town in southern Italy, provides students with the opportunity to study Italian culture and language in a full immersion environment. Sorrento is world renowned for its dramatic rock beaches, refined cafes, elegant shops, centuries-old artisan workshops, an international cinema festival, a summer Jazz festival, and its convenient proximity to the posh island retreats of Capri and Ischia, the archeological sites of Pompei and Herculaneum, the picturesque seaside town of Positano, and the breathtaking costiera amalfitana.

While in Sorrento, students live in double rooms, in shared apartments with fully equipped kitchens or can elect to live with host families carefully chosen by the staff of our host school in Sorrento. Host family arrangements include breakfast and dinner every day.

The following ITAL courses are offered: workshop in 1 and 2, workshop in 3 and 4, 5, 105, 109, 110 and 157. Students must take six credits.

Participants in the Hofstra in Sorrento Program will pay a program fee in addition to Hofstra tuition and fees for six undergraduate credits.

For further information about the program, please contact the director: Dr. Gregory Pell at (516) 463-5437 or Gregory.Pell@hofstra.edu.

Hofstra in Paris (July 1-August 1)


The Hofstra in Paris Program offers the unique opportunity to earn academic credits in French and in English-language literature courses while experiencing Paris’ artistic and literary richness.

Program Highlights:

  • Take distribution courses (LT), complete your language requirement or your French major or minor, and even take courses with an individual honors option.
  • Learn about arts and literature in Paris through guided visits or museums and writers’ houses.
  • Spend the last week In Nice, on the French Riviera.

The following courses are offered in French: FREN 3, 4, 110, and 142. The following courses are offered in English: FRLT 45 and RLLT 102. Students are required to take six credits.

Participants in this program will pay a program fee in addition to Hofstra tuition and fees for six undergraduate credits. Limited scholarships are available to Hofstra students in good standing, including the William Shiver Memorial Scholarship for minority students.

For further information about the program, please contact the program director: Dr. Sabine Loucif, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at (516) 463-6572 or sabine.loucif@hofstra.edu.

Hofstra in Japan (July 6-August 3)


Discover traditional and modern Japan through a four-week study abroad program. We start our trip in Nikko where world famous shrines welcome you after a long flight from JFK. Once recovered from jet lag in Hot Spring or Onsen, we move to glitzy neon-lit Tokyo and stay there for two weeks. We then travel from Tokyo to the beautiful mountain village of Shirakwa. We then move to Nagoya where we enjoy Japanese traditional national sport Sumo wrestling and the ultra-modern Toyota factory. The cool northeastern city of Hachinohe is the setting for the final days of our adventure, where your host-families welcome you to make this trip unforgettable.

The following courses will be offered: ASST 21: Discover Japan: Nexus of History, Politics and Culture (CC, IS, 3 s.h.); PSC 145: Japan: Politics and Government (CC, 3 s.h.); JPAN 1Z (HIJ): Explorations in the Japanese Language: (2 s.h.); ASST 150: Workshops in Asian Studies: Philosophy and Practice of the Tea Ceremony (1s.h.).

*All courses will be counted toward Asian Studies major and minor.

Participants in the Hofstra in Japan Program will pay a program fee in addition to Hofstra tuition and fees for three to six undergraduate credits.

For further information about the program, please contact the program director: Dr. Takashi Kanatsu, Department of Political Science, at (516) 463-5602 or Takashi.Kanatsu@hofstra.edu.

Hofstra in Germany (July 31-August 25)


The Hofstra in Germany program takes place in the beautiful and historic city of Munich in the state of Bavaria in southern Germany, not far from the German Alps and neighboring Austria. The city offers a rich environment for exploring German culture: from its world-class museums, opera houses and theaters, to its splendid park, the English Garden, with its rushing Alpine streams and broad vistas of greenery, perfect for cycling and strolling. In this stunning location, in a short, intensive August semester, students will get to know Germany through the special lens of the city of Munich.

The program offers one course, taught in English, on modern German literature and culture (CLL 151). This course will use the city of Munich and surroundings to introduce students to the literature, painting, architecture and other arts of Germany through the ages, as well as its turbulent political history.

Participants in the Hofstra in Germany program will pay a program fee in addition to Hofstra tuition and fees for three undergraduate credits.

For further information about the program, please contact the program director: Dr. Neil Donahue, Department of Comparative Literature and Languages, at (516) 463-5442 or Neil.H.Donahue@hofstra.edu.

Hofstra’s Exchange Program With the University of Amsterdam


The Zarb School of Business offers students the opportunity to travel to The Netherlands to take classes either on a full-time basis during a regular semester or on a part-time basis during the summer at the University of Amsterdam. Students from the University of Amsterdam also benefit from this exchange program and may take courses at Hofstra. For more information about the School of Business’ exchange program with the University of Amsterdam, please contact Ms. Gioia Bales, Acting Assistant Dean, Third Floor Weller Hall, (516) 463-5703.

Hofstra’s Exchange Program With Erasmus University


The Zarb School of Business in cooperation with Erasmus University offers an exchange program for graduate students majoring in finance. Under advisement, Zarb School students may register for courses offered as part of the Master in Financial Management program at Erasmus University, and Erasmus students may register for courses in the Master of Science in Quantitative Finance program and other graduate finance courses at Hofstra. For further information about Hofstra’s Exchange Program With Erasmus University, please contact the Department of Finance, 221 Weller Hall, (516) 463-5698 or MSQF@hofstra.edu.

Off-Campus Education


Off-Campus Education (OCE) provides opportunities for students to participate in domestic or international internships and study abroad (through non-Hofstra programs) for Hofstra undergraduate credit. Areas in which internships may be available include corporations, non-profit organizations, museums, political offices, theaters, and education. Study abroad program dates, internship opportunities, and deadlines vary. Students interested in domestic internships should contact the Domestic Off-Campus Education office at (516) 463-5823. Students interested international internships or non-Hofstra study abroad programs should contact the International Off-Campus Education office (516) 463-5822.