PR 263 - Strategic Writing for Public Relations

Semester Hours: 3
Fall, Spring, Summer
This is a course in persuasive communication techniques for the public relations practitioner. As public relations continues to change from traditional, journalism-based practices to a complex profession requiring a broad range of writing and media skills for integrated marketing communication, this course will help to ensure that PR graduate students are well-versed in the differences and similarities in communicating within various formats. Students will review fundamentals of grammar and punctuation; examine the written tools of the public relations practitioner; survey computer software for writing and editing e-publications; examine the techniques and current styles for writing for websites; and address the various challenges associated with writing for social media within a public relations campaign. From traditional press releases and brochures to the constantly evolving world of Internet-based communication, students will enhance their writing, verbal and presentation skills, and use critical thinking to find engaging and ethical techniques and strategies that will target their professional communication to a variety of publics and media.

Prerequisite(s)/Course Notes:
PR 261 . Students may not take this course on a Pass/Fail basis. Students not matriculating in the M.A. in Public Relations  program may take this course as a Pass/Fail elective.

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