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2008-2009 Law Catalog 
2008-2009 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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LAW 2806 - Communications Law and Regulation of Broadcast Mass Media

This course is designed to explore the legal standards and policies of federal communications
laws and regulations that affect broadcast radio and television. Attention will be given to the
licensing and regulation of broadcasting, and, for comparative purposes, of cable television.
Considerable attention will be given to the effect of federal regulation (and deregulation) on
economic competition, and on diversified media ownership and content in the communications
marketplace. Students will be introduced to regulations that aim to prevent bad content and those
aimed at promoting good content, and will also consider how technology, market economics, and
social norms combine to constrain or encourage behavior in radio and television broadcasting.
Grades will be based primarily upon a minimum twenty page research paper of law review
quality on a topic that requires the professor’s pre-approval. Grades will also be based on the
outline proposal for the paper, the draft of the paper, and overall class participation.

Prerequisites & Notes
Students who have taken Telecommunications Law can not take this class.

Credits: 2

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