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2013-2014 Law Catalog 
2013-2014 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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LAW 2821 - Pre-Trial I: Written Discovery

This course introduces students to the conceptual, legal, strategic and practical issues posed by the discovery phase of civil litigation. It focuses on written discovery – interrogatories, requests for admission and document requests and responses and objections thereto.  Instruction emphasizes learning by doing. Students will get a theoretical overview of the nature and purposes of discovery, and practice in applying those concepts in written discovery practice in a simulated case. Students will be assigned to a law firm representing a party in the case. They will  plan strategy for and draft written discovery and objections and responses under intensive faculty supervision. The students will also plan strategy for negotiation of discovery disputes, negotiate with the other side and advocate for their position before a judge if disputes are unresolved.

 Students receive one academic and one skills credit for this Course. The course is graded pass/fail.


This course is offered in an intensive three day period. It is part of a two course sequence on Discovery Skills. It can be taken separately or together with Discovery Skills II (Deposition Practice).  The same case file is used for both courses.

Prerequisites & Notes
Students who enroll in this course will not be permitted to take the course titled “Pre-Trial Skills”.

Credits: 1

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