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    Hofstra University
  Aug 19, 2017
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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Writing Studies and Composition

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Associate Professor Gaughan, Chairperson
Associate Professors Cole, Dresner, Lay, Miller, Rich
Assistant Professors De Tora, Efthymiou, Lotier, Stephens

The Department of Writing Studies and Composition is committed to the teaching of writing in its own courses and to the support of the teaching of writing across the disciplines at Hofstra. Our main objective is to foster awareness in the Hofstra community of the centrality of writing to the development of a critical consciousness, to successful pursuit of academic and career objectives, and to effective participation in public discourse. To this end, students in the department’s programs are assisted in developing their skills in the analysis and production of written texts through lecture, discussion, oral presentations, workshops, and collaborative projects as well as practice in the art of writing itself. The department is also dedicated to providing undergraduate and graduate courses in formal rhetoric and its contemporary manifestations as well as training in the pedagogy of writing instruction.

In the spirit of using writing to build community, the department provides writing instruction for students throughout their academic careers, advice and support to instructors teaching writing in what are often thought of as non-writing courses, and, through its interdisciplinary writing center, consultation and guided practice for all members of the Hofstra community. The aims and practices of the department are supportive of the university’s commitment to diversity, critical thinking, and respectful attention to the views of all.

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