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    Hofstra University
  Dec 15, 2017
2009-2010 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Comparative Literature, B.A. Major in

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This 42 semester hour major is designed to enable the student to acquire a broad background not only in the literary history of different cultures and countries, but also in their relation to one another, and their relative degrees of influence on crosscultural movements, themes and genres in literature and the arts. A specialization in comparative literature reflects the intellectual breadth, flexibility and openness to cultural difference that the world increasingly demands. A degree in comparative literature prepares students for graduate study in the same field (or in any of the related areas of specialization), as well as provide a solid general basis for study in professional schools, such as law, education, public administration, or business.

The comparative literature major is structured differently than other majors in order to reflect the inclusive nature of the field.

Totals for both the specialization and the minor can include credits that fulfill other college and university requirements.

Program Requirements - Total Semester Hours: 42

1. Foreign Language - Total Semester Hours: 15

Complete 3 courses in a first foreign language such as German, Russian, etc., beyond level 4; and complete 2 courses in a second foreign language beyond level 2.

2. Literature - Total Semester Hours: 15

Complete 5 courses in comparative literature or literature in translation (including French literature in translation, Italian literature in translation, and Spanish literature in translation), either in the distribution curriculum or other. One of these courses must be in a non-Western literature, or in the cross-cultural category of the distribution curriculum; also, one of these courses is to be an independent study on a special topic in comparative literature, or an Honors Essay, if eligible, to be done usually in the student’s last year or semester by arrangement with a professor in the department.

3. Additional Courses - Total Semester Hours: 12

Complete 2 additional courses in one literature and complete 2 courses in any one of the following disciplines: anthropology, art history, drama, history, music, philosophy, or sociology, or another discipline by arrangement.


This concentration outside the department is peculiar to the breadth of comparative literature as a discipline, and these courses can also fulfill other college and university requirements.

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