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    Hofstra University
  Jan 21, 2018
2012-2013 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Video/Television, B.S. Major in

To qualify for a B.S. major:
a.    Student must be at least of sophomore standing,
b.    Student must have obtained a minimum grade of B- in RTVF 24 and any subsequent production courses, and
c.    Student must get permission of adviser and the B.S. programs coordinator.

Candidates for graduation from the School of Communication with the degree of Bachelor of Science must meet the following qualifications:

a.    Student must complete at least 124 semester hours with at least 24 hours in residence in the major field of study. Transfer credits are subject to the approval of the Department of Radio, Television, Film of the School of Communication and are approved only for those courses meeting the department’s curriculum requirements and course standards.
b.    Student must fulfill the B.S. requirements as listed under the School of Communication, and
c.    Student must complete the program requirements listed under one of the following B.S. majors.

Program Requirements - Total Semester Hours: 94

Semester Hours: 15

Semester Hours: 3

Semester Hours: 3

Semester Hours: 1

Semester Hours: 3

Choose From - Semester Hours: 3

Choose From - Semester Hours: 9

  • departments within the School of Communication, other than video/television courses, chosen under advisement.

Choose From - Semester Hours: 12

  • any liberal arts courses, not in the RTVF department, chosen under advisement.

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B.S. Requirements  for School of Communication majors.