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2004-2005 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2004-2005 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Academic Organization

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Instructional Areas


The academic units of the University are organized into the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Zarb School of Business, the School of Communication, and the School of Education and Allied Human Services. See also New College, and the School for University Studies.

University College for Continuing Education

In service to the community, University College offers programs
and courses on a noncredit basis.

Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Division of the Humanities

Comparative Literature and Languages
  Comparative Literature
  English Language Program
  Jewish Studies
  Literature in Translation
  Modern Greek
Drama and Dance
  Theater Arts
English and Freshman Composition
  Creative Writing and Literature
  English and American Literature
  Publishing Studies and Literature
Fine Arts, Art History and Humanities
Romance Languages and Literatures
  Ibero-American Studies
  Italian Studies

Division of the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science

  Natural Science
Computer Science
  Computer Engineering
  Electrical Engineering
  Engineering Science
  Industrial Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering
  Technology and Public Policy
  Environmental Resources
Applied Mathematics
Physics and Astronomy

Division of the Social Sciences

Economics and Geography

  Business Economics
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Philosophy of Science
  Religious Studies
Political Science
International Affairs
 Public Affairs
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
 Speech-Language Pathology

Additional Areas

Africana Studies
American Studies
Asian Studies
Labor Studies
Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts Colloquia
Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies
Military Science
Physician Assistant Studies
Women’s Studies

New College

A small, interdisciplinary liberal arts college where students study for the Bachelor of Arts degree in humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, creative studies or interdisciplinary studies. Students have opportunities for individual study on campus and internship projects off campus as well as classroom course work and study abroad. The College offers a graduate program in interdisciplinary studies. Students have access to all University resources.

Complementary and Ancillary Programs

Off-Campus Education
University Without Walls

Frank G. Zarb School of Business

Accounting, Taxation, and Legal Studies in Business
Business Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods
Management, Entrepreneurship, and General Business
Marketing and International Business

School of Communication

  Video/Television (Note: B.A. and B.S.)
  Film Studies and Production
  Video/Television and Business
  Video/Television and Film
Journalism and Mass Media Studies
  Print Journalism
  Broadcast Journalism
  Public Relations
Speech Communication and Rhetorical Studies

School of Education and Allied Human Services

Counseling, Research, Special Education, and Rehabilitation
  Creative Arts Therapy
Curriculum and Teaching
  Bilingual Education
  Early Childhood Education
  Elementary Education
  Math, Science and Technology
  Fine Arts Education
  Music Education
  Secondary Education
  Foreign Languages
  Social Studies
  Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESOL)
Foundations, Leadership and Policy Studies
Health Professions and Family Studies
  Community Health Education
  School Health Education
Literacy Studies
Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  Athletic Training
  Exercise Specialist

School for University Studies

The Freshman Division provides a unique first year collegiate curriculum for high school graduates requesting or requiring a structured approach to a university undergraduate education.

The Transfer Division enrolls a limited number of students with college experience not at Hofstra University whose academic potential is best realized through a structured initial year.

The PALS Division provides skills workshops and other forms of assistance to students with professionally diagnosed learning disabilities.

The Degree Division enables part-time students, as well as traditional students, to fulfill the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts degree in a more flexible manner than is available at most universities.

Honors College

Hofstra University Honors College is an innovative program leading to honors designations at graduation. The Honors curriculum offers a twelve-credit first year program, honors seminars, and the opportunity to do honors-level work in any undergraduate major or concentration.

Saturday College at Hofstra

Serves mature, nontraditional students, allowing them to earn an undergraduate degree in four years without interrupting their career and family responsibilities.


University Advisement


The University recognizes that it has an advisement responsibility from the time a student expresses an interest in enrolling until the time of graduation. It has, therefore, established the Center for University Advisement, responsible for various advisement functions and services.


Full-Time Study


Hofstra University has a full-time undergraduate student body of approximately 8,000 students usually attending classes between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Friday. Some parttime undergraduates and graduates also attend during these hours. The regular day program is organized into two fifteenweek semesters. The average full-time student (registered for 12 to 17 semester hours) completes all course work for the degree in four academic years.


Part-Time Study


Hofstra University encourages the enrollment of undergraduate part-time students who vary greatly in age and educational objectives. Primarily, these students are older than the typical full-time day undergraduates, have major responsibilities outside the University, have gaps between their high school graduation and attending college, or between attending one college and another. They attend college on a part-time basis and attend in the evening. There are, however, many variations to these patterns, and individual needs-such as the needs of those who must attend during the day-can be accommodated. All regular degree requirements and academic standards of the University apply to part-time students.

Part-time students with no previous college credits generally require six to eight years to complete all requirements for bachelor’s degrees. They usually enroll in two or three courses, totaling 6 to 9 semester hours of credit, each semester. Although part-time study is intended primarily for students who plan to earn degrees, enrollment is open to students who wish to further their education in specific areas if they meet admission and course requirements.

Requests for information or course schedules for evening programs should be directed to the Office of Admissions. Semester schedules include pertinent information on admission and registration procedures. The Office is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. throughout the year for assistance with academic questions.


January Session


The emphasis of this mini-semester (a three-week session starting the first week in January) is on diversity-there are beginning, advanced and courses of general interest; courses earning up to three credits; day, evening and weekend courses; on-campus and off-campus courses and courses which involve travel.

Students attending this session may not earn more than three semester hours of credit or four semester hours of credit if offered on that basis.

Students may attend the January Session on one of four bases:

  1. as former or continuing students in good standing;
  2. as students who are attending the University for the first time;
  3. as visiting students from other accredited colleges or universities provided they are enrolled and are in good standing at those institutions (visiting students expecting to transfer credits earned during the January Session to another college should get advance official approval from that institution for course work to be taken);
  4. high school graduates interested in taking a course. Information on registration, tuition and fees, course offerings, schedules, etc., can be found in the January Session Schedule, which is available upon request from the Office of Admissions.


Summer Sessions


The University offers a full program of day and evening undergraduate courses during two separate five-week academic sessions, and one three-week session each summer. Day and evening classes usually meet Monday through Thursday.

No undergraduate student may enroll in one summer session for more than 6 semester hours, or if 3- and 4-credit hour courses-7 semester hours. For the three-week session, no undergraduate student may take more than one 3 or 4 credit course. Exceptions to the above may be granted when special circumstances and the student’s special capacities for the work permit. Written approval is required of the dean of the academic unit of the major or proposed major field of study.

Students may obtain credit on their Hofstra records for courses taken in the summer session at another accredited institution if the courses have been approved in advance by the appropriate department and the Office of Academic Records, and are in accordance with the Advanced Standing Policy set forth in the Hofstra Undergraduate Bulletin.

Visiting students are permitted to attend Hofstra University summer session(s) provided they are enrolled at another accredited college or university. Students expecting to transfer summer credits to another institution should get advance official approval of their selection of courses from that college. A special application form for visiting students can be found in the Summer Sessions Bulletin, which is available in the Office of Admissions. On request, an official transcript of all credits earned is forwarded to each visiting student’s college after the summer sessions. There is no fee for an official transcript sent to a third party; for a student copy, the cost is $5 per transcript.

Details of the course offerings and schedules, as well as information about residence halls, may be obtained by inquiring at the Office of Admissions.


University College for Continuing Education


Hofstra University’s College for Continuing Education program (UCCE) makes available to the Long Island and surrounding communities a broad range of workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures, events and courses in the arts, business, technology, humanities, sciences, legal studies, test review, sports and recreation. These noncredit programs are oriented to diverse audiences: adult and youth, professional and general, experienced and novices, indeed all those interested in learning more about their world, their society and themselves.

Listed below are some of the major programs being offered throughout the year. Detailed brochures on all curricula are available in the UCCE Office or by visiting the Web site at www.hofstra. edu/ucce. For additional information, call (516) 463-5993 or write: University College for Continuing Education, 250 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549.


Division of Professional Development


ALLIED HEALTH encompasses several programs for professionals seeking training, basic and more advanced, in their field of expertise. In some cases, registrants earn a certificate, license renewal, or continuing education units applicable to their professional association. Courses of study include the Deaf Studies Certificate Program, the Medical Massage Therapy Conference, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, and the Personal Trainer Fitness Instructor Program.

CENTER FOR BUSINESS STUDIES offers courses, seminars, conferences, workshops and certificate programs in areas such as insurance, real estate, financial planning, payroll, personal investment and portfolio management, marketing, purchasing management, management, living in a senior world, small business, entrepreneurship, employee benefits, appraising, travel agent training, career development facilitation, and other business education fields.

Several insurance programs are offered in cooperation with professional societies among them: preparation courses for the CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) designation and ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) designation are offered as well as preparation courses for the CPCU (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter), ARM (Associate in Risk Management), and AIC (Associate in Claims) designations. The Insurance Brokers and Agents Qualifying Course, and the Health Insurance Agents Training Course meet New York state requirements as well as provide continuing education credits for those holding New York state licenses.

Real estate programs are offered to meet New York state licensing requirements for real estate appraisers.

CEBS Program (Certified Employee Benefit Specialist) is designed for those active in the field and interested in earning the professional designation.

Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program provides the opportunity for students who hold a bachelor’s degree and who have not previously studied those sciences traditionally considered the premedical curriculum, to prepare for entrance into a health care profession of their choice. The Pre-Medical adviser, in conjunction with the science faculty, will help the student develop an individualized program of study based on his/her career goals, previous academic work and family/work responsibilities. This flexibility allows students to pursue a variety of careers in medicine (including osteopathic, dentistry, chiropractic, veterinary medicine and optometry), as well as design a schedule that fits their unique needs. Basic science prerequisites can also be completed for some of the allied health professions, such as Physician Assistant, Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapy. However, in these areas, additional course work may be necessary depending on the individual school’s requirements.

The Professional Engineering Review Program provides an adequate review and preparation for all parts of the revised Professional Engineer’s licensing examinations. The courses are designed for the Uniform Examinations of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), recently adopted by the New York State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. These courses are available to persons who qualify under New York State Education Law requirements to take the April examinations. No degree credit is granted for these courses; however, Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.) are given.

ACCOUNTING CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (ACP) enables college graduates to become accountants, usually for either public accounting or industry, and helps them meet some of the State requirements for taking the CPA examination. Participants in this program learn the basic concepts, techniques, and skills required to understand and practice accounting.

FINANCE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (FCP) offers three concentrations all of which enable graduates to be eligible for positions with brokerage houses, corporations, government agencies, not-for-profit institutions, insurance firms and investment banks. Graduates may also be able to use these courses to fulfill the prerequisites for admittance to the CFA examination.

GENERAL MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (GMCP) enables graduates to advance their careers by developing high-level competencies as managers. Individuals who have recently assumed responsibility for coordinating the work of others, as well as those preparing for promotion to supervisory positions, will benefit from the GMCP.

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (HRMCP) offers individuals the opportunity to pursue a career in the field of human resources management. Graduates of the program become eligible for positions in a variety of business entities including corporations, not-for-profit institutions, and government agencies in both domestic and international markets.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (IBCP) prepares graduates to work at a variety of exciting positions such as international financial managers, import/export managers, foreign subsidiary managers, international human resources managers, international trade managers, and others depending on prior experience and education.

LABOR STUDIES CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (LSCP) Labor Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to offer students a broad background in the multiple perspectives on and different analytical approaches to labor issues in an international context. The program coordinates courses from departments throughout the University, and includes opportunities for independent course work and internships with business firms, nonprofit agencies and labor unions. It prepares students for graduate programs in labor and industrial relations and in related areas of business, education, law, public administration and the social sciences, as well as for a wide range of careers in business, government, law, teaching and labor unions.

MARKETING CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (MCP) offers two concentrations for college graduates. One concentration focuses on marketing management and prepares students for positions in a variety of settings, such as direct marketing, international marketing, retail management, and marketing research. The other focuses on marketing media with emphasis on television and print advertising.

BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS CREDIT CERTIFICATE (CBIS) is a one-year, 19-credit program which prepares college graduates for career opportunities in systems analysis and information resources management. Students learn to analyze business needs and procedures in order to design a system of computerbased tools to simplify business functions and improve productivity.


Information Technology and Aplications


Information technology courses consist of evening, day, and weekend hands-on instruction in the most popular applications and programming languages including Windows, Microsoft Office, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, e-commerce, and database design. These courses enable the user to keep ahead of the latest trends in technology.

In addition to individual courses, noncredit certificate programs are offered. These certificates are specifically designed to enable the individual to retain a competitive edge in their career. Current certificate offerings include:

  1. Certificate in Project Management (CPM)
  2. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  3. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  4. Certificate in Database Design (CDBD)
  5. Certificate in Contemporary Programming (CCP)
  6. Certificate in E-Commerce (CEC)
  7. Certificate in Graphic Design (CGD)
  8. Certificate in Web Page Design (CWPD)
  9. Certificate in Business Uses of Computers (CBUS)


Legal Studies


PARALEGAL STUDIES CERTIFICATE PROGRAM is a four-month day, or nine-month evening program that prepares those with a minimum of 60 college credits or two years of relevant work experience for rewarding career opportunities in law firms, corporations, banks, insurance companies, government agencies and the courts. Students may also participate in an optional internship program designed as a practical application of and supplement to their classroom training.

LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM is a tenmonth day or evening program that prepares registered nurses who possess current nursing licenses and three or more years of clinical experience to begin legal consulting careers. An emerging profession, career opportunities range from working independently to supporting hospitals to providing expertise to law firms. Students may also participate in an optional internship program designed as a practical application of and supplement to their classroom training.


Division of Continuing Education


LIBERAL ARTS STUDIES spans a wide range of interests-from the traditional arts and sciences to recreation, to the outdoors, fitness, travel (both local and international), professional development and more. Courses are designed for those with a desire to learn for the sheer pleasure of learning, as well as to gain a deeper understanding of the people, places and events which surround them. In some cases, particularly when it comes to courses in communications and visual arts, students may acquire a specific skill. As participants in liberal arts courses firmly adhere to a philosophy that successful people never stop learning, new programs in this area are constantly being developed.

SUMMER WRITING WORKSHOPS offers both beginning and published writers the opportunity to study with a faculty of noted writers in five genres: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, writing for children, and screenwriting/playwriting. These two-week intensive workshops are held in July alongside a series of guest appearances by agents, editors, writers, and others from the world of publishing.

SUNDAYS AT HOFSTRA is a series of lectures/presentations held on five or six Sundays each semester in such areas as archaeology, art history, literature, self-awareness, business, personal finances and many others. Classes begin at 11 a.m. or 1:30 p.m., and there is opportunity beforehand for students from each class to meet over refreshments to discuss the latest news in their field of study.

TEST REVIEW are for those heading to college, graduate school, or medical school where test scores play a critical role in the admission process. University College has brought two leading test preparation programs to the Hofstra campus to offer courses in PSAT, SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, NTE/LAST, and MCAT review as well as the Catholic High School Admissions Test and the New York State Regents (English, Global Studies, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Sequential Mathematics I and II). Hofstra University Cambridge Testprep Plus” specializes in comprehensive test preparation courses in a short, cost-effective format. For information about this program, call (516) 463-7600.

PROFESSIONALS AND EXECUTIVES IN RETIREMENT (PEIR), a selfdirected, learner-centered daytime campus program, is designed for individuals in or approaching retirement who wish to utilize their leisure time in stimulating and creative ways. PEIR members actively explore their personal interests and larger concerns through lectures, panels, and informal discussion on diverse topics such as contemporary affairs, literature, social advocacy and the arts.


Division of Youth Programs


SATURDAY CLASSES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE for ages 3 to 18 years, are offered throughout the academic year. Classes focus on developing the inquisitive needs of children of all intellectual and experiential levels through programs which strive to balance academic learning with physical and recreational skills. Science, literature computer studies, drama, and fine arts, are but a few examples of these enrichment courses. Swimming, prereading, tennis, reading/mathematics tutorial, modeling, writing, prelaw, and cartooning are others. Also, a number of adult classes for the parents of young people run concurrently with the children’s programs.

SUMMER CAMPS offer specialties in actors’ workshop, adventure education, athletic development, baseball, basketball, computer, creative enrichment, dance, fine arts, golf, mathematics, reading, science, soccer, and tennis, all for children between the ages of 5 and 14. The full program is seven weeks, running throughout July and August. Campers may register for two-, four- or six-week sessions with a one-week special session at the end and may participate in as many as three specializations in a six-week program. Campers spend half of each day participating in their area of specialization and the other half in planned recreational activities including a period of swim in Hofstra’s Olympic-sized pool. Additionally, the special end-ofthe- season, one-week program is offered for youngsters who wish to engage in a fully recreational or academic camp experience.

HOFSTRA’S BASEBALL CAMP, for campers entering grades 2 through 7, is focused on instruction. The Hofstra Camp staff utilizes all of the teaching devices and methods of instruction used by the Hofstra Baseball program. The camp is held at University Field, home of the Hofstra Pride Baseball Team. There is a certified athletic trainer on staff during the entire camp. The Hofstra Baseball staff provides all protective equipment, baseballs and teaching devices. Players are placed in groups according to their grade. The camp covers all aspects of hitting, throwing, and fielding through lectures, drills, and fun games. Campers have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in afternoon games. Hofstra Baseball Camp is suitable for players with different levels of baseball ability.

HOFSTRA’S BASKETBALL CAMP is geared toward those boys and girls entering grades 3 through 12 who desire a training experience in all facets of basketball. Campers are grouped by age and ability. The camp’s objectives are: to present the fundamentals of basketball so that each youngster fully understands and appreciates the sport; to provide instruction in individual and group settings, as well as through supervised competition, so that all participants realize their maximum potential; to expose each camper to the various philosophies and techniques representative of college and professional coaches and players; and, to provide an enriching experience through the development of competitive spirit, athletic skill and good sportsmanship.

HOFSTRA’S LACROSSE CAMP is for boys entering grades 3 through 12 who desire a full day of training experience in all facets of lacrosse. We pride ourselves as being the most organized, best teaching camp in the country. Your camper learns the basic fundamentals and has a full day of training experience in all facets of lacrosse. Our philosophy has allowed our camps and clinics to become a favorite among parents, coaches and players. Campers are grouped according to grade, skill level and experience. The Boys’ Lacrosse Camp takes place on the Hofstra University campus at the James M. Shuart Stadium. Campers use the same facilities that the Pride players use in the spring. Locker rooms, meeting rooms, practice and game fields give the camper a real Division 1 experience.

THE HOFSTRA BOYS’ WRESTLING CAMP is a fun-filled experience of learning on the campus of Hofstra University. Our goal is simple: to create an environment in which young aspiring champions can learn the fundamentals necessary to reach their goals. Learning the sport of wrestling is a journey, we assist in making it exciting and challenging. The Hofstra Boys’ Wrestling Camp is geared for wrestlers entering grades 2 through 12 who strive to learn various wrestling techniques in the sport, as well as the proper strength training skills, nutrition, conditioning, mental preparation and goal setting required to become a champion. You train in an environment consisting of comprehensive technical instruction, structured drill sessions and lots of live wrestling. Mental toughness is learned as you get a better understanding of training with intensity at the highest level. Technical instruction is an area that is stressed. Through extensive drilling sessions taught by our proven staff, our programs are a tremendous asset to improving one’s skills. Each program assists young aspiring wrestlers just beginning or the elite who have wrestled for years.


Alumni Relations


The Office of Alumni Relations located in Alumni House next to the James M. Shuart Stadium, serves as the main link between Hofstra University and its more than 102,000 alumni who live in all 50 states and more than 70 countries. The staff works in partnership with the Hofstra University Alumni Organization, which represents all former students and is the official body through which alumni volunteers can remain involved with their alma mater. A variety of programs and events enable alumni to direct their energies toward specific areas of interest.

Programs and services for alumni are coordinated through the Alumni Relations Office. Special events such as Homecoming, reunions and networking receptions provide opportunities to meet fellow alumni and friends of the University. Alumni services include: term life insurance, Hofstra MBNA MasterCard, Hofstra-New York state custom license plates, online Message Board, alumni directory, Swim Center membership discounts, and complimentary subscriptions to the Hofstra Update alumni magazine, published three times annually, and AlumNet, a monthly e-newsletter. Auditing privileges and transcript services as well as access to the Axinn Library, Recreation Center and The Career Center are also available.

While many alumni in the New York/metro region take advantage of their proximity to campus, those who live further away may participate in Regional Chapters established in Arizona; northern and southern California; central, southeast and west coast Florida; Georgia; New England; New York City; North Carolina Triangle; and Washington, DC/Potomac area. From time to time alumni gatherings are held in Connecticut; Illinois; northern New Jersey; southeast Pennsylvania; and throughout Suffolk and Westchester counties in New York.

Across the country, Hofstra Alumni Recruitment Team (HART) volunteers help the Admissions Office recruit new students and Hofstra Career Assistance Network (CAN!) members mentor current students. Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) organize educational and networking activities for young alumni.

Other alumni interest groups include: Allegro Con Brio, Black/Hispanic, Booster, Concerts, Estabrook, Gray Wig, Hofstra Pride Club, Radio, Rehabilitation Counseling, School of Communication, School of Education and Allied Human Services, School of Law, Zarb School of Business, Veterans, and 15 fraternity/sorority affiliates.

In addition to offering cultural, social and networking events, most alumni groups support annual or endowed scholarships for students. The Hofstra Alumni Organization awards several legacy scholarships annually.

The University recognizes alumni for distinguished professional accomplishments and extraordinary service to Hofstra with the Alumnus of the Year Award, Award for Alumni Achievement and Young Alumnus Award, or through the bestowal of Honorary Doctoral Degrees. Special friends of the University may also be recognized as Honorary Alumni.

For more information, contact the Alumni Relations Office by phone (516) 463-6636, e-mail or visit

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