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2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

New Opportunities at Hofstra (NOAH) Program

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Roosevelt Smith, Jr., Executive Director, and Associate Dean
Deysi Aguilar-MPoy, Assistant Dean

Website: www.hofstra.edu/NOAH
Phone: 516-463-6982
Email: NOAH@hofstra.edu

About the Program

The NOAH Scholars Program is an academic support and enrichment program designed to identify and admit economically and educationally disadvantaged students whose educational experience and economic status did not provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate or develop scholastic abilities to the level required for undergraduate admission and study at Hofstra. The NOAH Scholars Program was initiated in 1964.

When scholars are admitted to the program, NOAH Program staff devise (1) individual plans to help them develop their scholastic abilities to the fullest extent by providing counseling in academic and other areas to promote a smooth transition to the highly competitive academic environment at Hofstra; (2) instructional services and tutoring to help students develop academic skills; and (3) general supportive services, not the least of which is to provide sufficient funds so that the student’s college experience will not be a financial hardship.

The support services available to NOAH Program Scholars are extensive and include the assistance of specialists; instructors in Writing, English, Mathematics, Social Sciences; counselors, and tutors in virtually all subject matters.

The completion of special NOAH distribution courses is required before enrolling in relevant or required University courses. Individual programs of required NOAH courses are planned by the student’s counselor but may be waived by the Executive Director, depending on the student’s status.

Note: NOAH Scholars Program students must meet the minimum Satisfactory TAP Academic Progress and Pursuit of Program requirements to be eligible to receive New York state grants for each semester of enrollment in order to remain in the NOAH Program as outlined in the State Grant/TAP section  of this Bulletin.

NOAH Scholars Program Probation Standards – Undergraduate

  1. NOAH Scholars Program students may be placed on academic probation at the end of any semester in which their cumulative grade point average is less than 2.0 but above the University’s minimum retention standards.
  2. Students placed on academic probation will receive a letter from the Executive Director informing them of their probationary status and warning that they must raise their grade point average to 2.0 or above. The letter will explain the consequences of failing to raise the grade point average to 2.0 or above.
  3. Students placed on probation will be required to meet with the NOAH Scholars Program Academic Review Committee to discuss their standing. When they meet with the committee, they will be informed of the support services available and the average they must achieve to raise their grade point average to at least 2.0. Students will also be reminded that if their grade point average does not improve or drops further, they are in danger of being placed on an academic leave of absence or dismissed from the University.
  4. Students who fail to meet with the NOAH Scholars Program Academic Review Committee will not be permitted to register subsequently until they comply.
  5. While students are on academic probation, they will continue to be subject to all the requirements of students on academic probation, including the completion ratio requirement, unless otherwise noted.
  6. Students on academic probation may carry no more than 15 semester hours.
  7. Any student with a grade point average falling below 2.7 will have to participate in the Academic Improvement Component Program of the NOAH Scholars Program.

NOAH Scholars Program Dismissal Standards – Undergraduate

NOAH Scholars Program students will be dropped from the University if they have:

  • Attempted less than 25 hours and have a cumulative grade point average below 1.3;
  • Attempted 25-30 hours and have a cumulative grade point average below 1.5;
  • Attempted 31-57 hours and have a cumulative grade point average below 1.7;
  • Attempted 58-93 hours and have a cumulative grade point average below 1.9;
  • Attempted 94 or more hours and have a cumulative grade point average below 1.95.

Note that “attempted hours” include coursework taken at all institutions of higher education, but that the cumulative grade point average is based on course work taken only at Hofstra University.

Minimum Performance Requirements Necessary for NOAH Scholars Program Students to Continue at Hofstra University

NOAH ScholarsProgram students are evaluated at the end of every semester. Recommendations for continuance are made by the NOAH ScholarsProgram faculty and administrative staff to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will forward recommendations to the Academic Records Subcommittee of the University Senate Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee.

Minimum performance requirements necessary for NOAH ScholarsProgram students to continue at Hofstra University are:

  1. Grade point average within the ranges outlined above.
  2. Satisfactory participation and completion of all required seminars and workshops with a grade of Pass.
  3. Satisfactory participation and completion of all developmental courses with a grade of C or better (this includes attendance requirements).
  4. Fulfillment of the terms outlined in the NOAH Scholars Program Agreement.
  5. Satisfactory completion of all NOAH Learning Resource Center contracts.
  6. Attendance at all NOAH Scholars Program forums unless excused by the Executive Director.

Students failing to meet these minimum performance requirements may, upon the recommendation of the Executive Director and action by the Academic Records Subcommittee, be dismissed from the NOAH Scholars Program and the University.

Courses listed under “Developmental (DEVL)” are an integral part of the NOAH student’s academic program.

Note that students who are withdrawn or dismissed from the NOAH Scholars Program and who are seeking to attend the University in any other capacity (but not in the NOAH Scholars Program) must reapply through the Dean of Undergraduate Admission. Students seeking to return to the NOAH Scholars Program must appeal to the NOAH Scholars Program Executive Director and reapply through the Dean of Undergraduate Admission.

For additional information, contact Roosevelt Smith, Jr.