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2005-2006 Law Catalog 
2005-2006 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Tuition and Fees

An applicant for admission who has been accepted must pay a deposit of $850 to secure a position in the incoming class. The deposit is not refundable after April 1, but is credited toward payment of first-year tuition. A second deposit of $500 is due by June 1. This second deposit is not refundable after July 1. This second deposit is also credited toward payment of first-year tuition. Students receiving full-tuition scholarships are not required to pay the second deposit.

Applicants who are accepted are urged to send in their first deposit by registered mail, because until we have received the deposit, the applicant’s place at the Law School cannot be assured. Any delay in sending the deposit, therefore, may result in acceptance of another applicant (in which event the late deposit will be returned).

Tuition for the first semester must be paid by the date indicated on the bill. Failure to make timely tuition payment, or to make alternate arrangements satisfactory to the Office of Student Accounts, will result in forfeiture of the student’s place and selection of another candidate.

Tuition and fees for each semester thereafter must be paid in full prior to the start of lectures as directed by the Office of Student Accounts at the University. (For the remission policy, see Withdrawal from the School of Law in the Course of Study section.)

Students applying for University-owned housing will be charged a prepayment housing fee of an additional $300 to be considered for such accommodations.

We estimate that the cost for new casebooks, which may be obtained at the University Bookstore, will be $900 for the entire year. Used copies may be substituted.

Tuition and fees for 2004-2005 are to be determined.

Application Fee (must accompany the application form; not credited to tuition, non refundable)   $60
Deposit; credited to tuition, non refundable   $850
Tuition, per semester for full-time students   $16,267
Tuition, per semester for part-time students   $1,160 per credit
Tuition, Trial Techniques Program (optional January course)   $1,160
Tuition, Study Abroad Nice Program   $2,950
Tuition, Study Abroad Curaco Program   $2,800
Tuition, Summer, per credit   $1,160
Deferred tuition payment fee, per semester   2% for 2 months, minimum of $50
Activity Fee, per semester full-time (domestic students)   $30
Activity Fee, per semester part-time (domestic students)   $15
Health Center Fee, per semester full-time (domestic students)   $53
Health Center Fee, per semester part-time (domestic students)   $32
Summer Externship Fee*   $500
University Fee, per semester full-time   $125
University Fee, per semester part-time   $75
Transcripts, each   $2 or free online
University-owned housing:
Rent: per semester or per six-month lease, depending upon accommodations selected   $2,500-5,250
Organization of Resident Students Fee   $5
Board, per semester, depending upon meal plan selected   $495-$1,650
Prepayment Housing Fee; credited to the first semester bill   $300
Sickness Insurance Fee, per semester   $53

The University reserves the right to change its tuition and fees at any time, and it is likely that tuition will increase each year.


*If other courses are taken during the same summer session, the student must pay the prevailing per-credit tuition rate for the summer externship as well as for other summer courses.