Jun 19, 2024  
2024 January Session Bulletin 
2024 January Session Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

January Offerings

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Accounting (ACCT)

Art History (AH)

Asian Studies (ASST)

Business Analytics (BAN)


Comparative Literature and Languages (CLL)

Counseling (COUN)

Creative Arts Therapy (CAT)

Creative Writing (CRWR)

Criminology (CRM)

Curriculum and Teaching (CT)

Dance (DNCE)

Drama (DRAM)

Economics (ECO)

Educational Administration (EADM)

English (ENGL)  

Fine Arts (FA)

French Literature in Translation (FRLT)

Geography (GEOG)

Global Studies (GS)

Health Administration (HADM)

Health Professions Education (HPE)

Health Professions (HPR)

History (HIST)

Information Technology (IT)

Italian Literature in Translation (ITLT)

Italian Studies and Italian American Studies (ITST)

Literacy Studies (LYST)

Literature in Translation (LIT)

Management (MGT)

Marketing (MKT)

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Mathematics (MATH)

Philosophy (PHI)

Physical Education and Sport Sciences (PESP)

Political Science (PSC)

Psychology (PSY)

Radio, Television, Film (RTVF)

Rhetoric (RHET)

School of Education (SOE)

Secondary Education (SED)

Sociology (SOC)

Special Education 

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences (SPCH)

Writing Studies and Composition (WSC)

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