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2006-2007 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2006-2007 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Board of Trustees and Senior Administrators

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Trustees of Hofstra University


As of October 2006


John D. Miller,* Chair
Joseph M. Gregory,* Vice Chair
Edwin Reed, Vice Chair
Marilyn B. Monter,* Secretary
Stuart Rabinowitz, President


Alan J. Bernon*
Tejinder Bindra
Robert F. Dall*
Maurice A. Deane*
Helene Fortunoff
Martin B. Greenberg*
Leo A. Guthart
Amy Hagedorn
Peter S. Kalikow*
Abby Kenigsberg
Arthur J. Kremer
Karen L. Lutz
David S. Mack*
Janis M. Meyer*
Martha S. Pope
Lewis S. Ranieri
Robert Rosenthal*
Howard Safir*
Terence E. Smolev* (on leave)
Frank G. Zarb*

*Hofstra Alumni


Carole T. Ferrand, Speaker of the Faculty
Ellen Frisina,* Chair, University Senate Executive Committee
William F. Nirode, Chair, University Senate Planning and Budget Committee
Peter DiSilvio, President, Student Government Association
Russell Akiyama, Vice President, Student Government Association
Joseph Sparacio,* President, Alumni Organization
Joseph D. Monticciolo, Chair, Hofstra Advisory Board

Emeriti Members

James H. Marshall,* President Emeritus
James M. Shuart,* President Emeritus

Donald E. Axinn,* Trustee Emeritus
Robert E. Brockway,* Trustee Emeritus
Emil V. Cianciulli,* Chair Emeritus
John J. Conefry, Jr., Chair Emeritus
George G. Dempster,* Chair Emeritus
Joseph L. Dionne,* Trustee Emeritus
Bernard Fixler,* Trustee Emeritus
Milton M. Gardner, Trustee Emeritus
Florence Kaufman, Trustee Emerita
Walter B. Kissinger, Trustee Emeritus
Ann M. Mallouk,* Chair Emerita
Thomas H. O’Brien, Trustee Emeritus
Donald A. Petrie,* Trustee Emeritus
Arnold A. Saltzman, Trustee Emeritus
Norman R. Tengstrom,* Trustee Emeritus

* Hofstra Alumni


Senior Administrators


Stuart Rabinowitz, J.D.
President; Andrew M. Boas and Mark Claster Distinguished Professor of Law
West Library Wing, Room 207
(516) 463-6800

Herman A. Berliner, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; Lawrence Herbert Distinguished Professor
West Library Wing, Room 200
(516) 463-5400

M. Patricia Adamski, J.D.
Senior Vice President for Planning and Administration; Adolph J. and Dorothy R. Eckhardt Distinguished Professor of Corporate Law
West Library Wing, Room 207
(516) 463-6800

Melissa A. Connolly, B.A.
Vice President for University Relations
Hofstra Hall, Room 202
(516) 463-6818

Dolores Fredrich, J.D.
Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel
Hofstra Hall, Room 201
(516) 463-1800

Richard V. Guardino Jr., J.D.
Vice President for Business Development and Executive Dean, Center for Suburban Studies
Scott Skodnek Business Development Center, Room 243
(516) 463-4069

Catherine Hennessy, M.B.A., C.P.A.
Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer
Phillips Hall, Room 100E
(516) 463-6820

Robert W. Juckiewicz, M.S.
Vice President for Information Technology
McEwen Hall, Room 303
(516) 463-6900

Alan J. Kelly, B.A.
Vice President for Development
Hofstra Hall, Room 102
(516) 463-5027

Jack Hayes, M.A.
Director of Athletics
Hofstra Stadium, Room 202
(516) 463-6750


Academic Deans


Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bernard J. Firestone, Ph.D., Dean
Heger Hall, Room 200
(516) 463-5410

New College

Barry N. Nass, Ph.D., Vice Dean
Roosevelt Hall, Room 206
(516) 463-5032

Frank G. Zarb School of Business

Salvatore F. Sodano, M.B.A., Dean
Weller Hall, Room 302
(516) 463-5676

School of Communication

Sybil A. DelGaudio, Ph.D., Dean
Dempster Hall, Room 318
(516) 463-5215

School of Education and Allied Human Services

Maureen O. Murphy, Ph.D., Acting Dean
Hagedorn Hall, Room 238
(516) 463-5740

Honors College

J. Stephen Russell, Ph.D., Dean
Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library, Room 037
(516) 463-4842

School of Law

Aaron D. Twerski, J.D., Dean
Law School, Room 244
(516) 463-5854

School for University Studies

Susan S. Lukesh, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Planning & Budget; Acting Exeuctive Director, School for University Studies
West Library Wing, Room 200
(516) 463-5840

Saturday College at Hofstra

Bernard J. Firestone, Ph.D., Dean
Heger Hall, Room 200
(516) 463-5410

University College for Continuing Education

University College Hall, Room 126
(516) 463-5025

Library and Information Services

Daniel R. Rubey, Ph.D., M.L.S., Dean
Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library
(516) 463-5940