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2004-2005 Graduate Bulletin 
2004-2005 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]


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Advisement Services


Hofstra University recognizes that it has an advisement responsibility from the time a student expresses an interest in enrolling until the time of graduation. For graduate students matriculated in a program, academic advisement is provided by the faculty members in that program. Graduate non-matriculated students can receive advisement from the Office of Part-Time Studies in 105 Memorial Hall. The office is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays.

Advisement and Certification Office


This Office advises graduate students regarding the latest program and New York State certification requirements for Early Childhood, Childhood, Adolescence and Special subject teachers, school counselors, school psychologists and administrators. In addition, this office is responsible for recommending students for certification to the New York State Education Department upon completion of Hofstra’s New York state-registered, NCATE-accredited education programs. Certification applications must be submitted to the Advisement and Certification Office during the semester in which students intend to graduate.

Applicants and employees of school districts must be fingerprinted and complete course work for training in school violence prevention, substance abuse, the identification of child abuse and maltreatment and fire and arson, before they can be considered for certification. The office is also prepared to answer any questions regarding interstate contracts and reciprocity if a student wishes to apply for out-of-state certification. This office is located in the School of Education and Allied Human Services, Suite 129, Hagedorn Hall (516) 463-5747.

The Career Center


The Career Center, located in M. Robert Lowe Hall on the southeast campus, assists students and alumni in career planning and investigation of appropriate professional opportunities. Graduate students are urged to establish a relationship with the Career Center early in their academic residence in order to take full advantage of services and to benefit from early identification of appropriate opportunities. Services include individual career advisement, employment interview programs and workshops on resume preparation, interview skills and other aspects of planning for life after Hofstra.

Career Library

An extensive collection of materials, available to students and alumni, includes employer directories, print and electronic job listings, informative guides to a wide variety of fields, job search guides and employer information files. Employer files include annual reports, position descriptions, recruiting brochures and electronic resources. In addition several computers are available for student use to explore job postings and career reference materials via the Internet. The “career services” section of the Hofstra University Home Page, which can be accessed at www.hofstra.edu/career, constitutes an electronic extension of the Career Library making direct access available from home, any university computer laboratory or residence hall room to thousands of job postings, employer information and other career development materials. Students may access Career Library materials during office hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., plus one evening per week. For individual appointments or for additional information, call (516) 463-6060 or visit The Career Center.

Education Career Services

Students and alumni seeking teaching and/or administrative positions in education may take advantage of the Professional Credential Registry to assist in their job searches. Qualified candidates are encouraged to participate in the School District Recruiting Program held on campus each spring. In addition, job opportunity notices are e-mailed to registered candidates throughout the year. Workshops offered during the practicum semester provide job search advice as well as detailed information about the aforementioned services.

Graduate Business Career Services

MBA/MS graduate business degree candidates benefit from an active campus interview program supplemented by e-mail postings of internship and full-time opportunities as well as a program of workshops and career forums expressly geared to their needs. MBA/MS students also may submit their resumes for inclusion in the annual Graduate Business Resume Book that is mailed to hundreds of regional and national employers.

Internship, Part-time, Summer and Temporary Job Postings

The Career Center strongly encourages graduate students to supplement academic study through seeking internship or other work experience an area related to the chosen field of graduate study. The fulfillment of an internship and/or practicum experience is a requirement for the degree in many programs. In many courses of study, graduate students are encouraged to work directly with a designated faculty member in arranging their internships. Any graduate student, however, who would like additional assistance in arranging an appropriate internship is encouraged to contact The Career Center. Throughout the year The Career Center receives and posts extensive notices of these off-campus opportunities.

Job-Posting Services

Students and alumni are welcome to visit The Career Center to review position announcements received by the Center. Thousands of job notices from both regional and national employers are made available both via The Career Center’s home page (www.hofstra.edu/career) and via postings in The Career Library. These Hofstra specific announcements of current opportunities are supplemented by extensive additional Internet links to job posting resources, ultimately making tens of thousands of current opportunities available on a daily basis.

Center for Gerontology


The Center is an administrative unit within the School of Education and Allied Human Services which serves as a resource for professionals in the field of gerontology and related disciplines, as well as senior members of the community and their families. In addition to conferences, workshops, seminars, and informational materials, the Center also provides consultations for community members. The Ruth F. Gold Endowment supports guest speakers on topics of interest to older persons, their families and professionals in the field. Through the Lazarus Endowment, funding is available for day programs in the areas of Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. Advisory Board coordinates activities in collaboration with the Graduate Gerontology Program in the Department of Counseling, Research, Special Education and Rehabilitation.



The Interfaith Center, located in the Student Center, is run by Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant Chaplains at Hofstra University and work closely with each other and with students. Spiritual guidance and assistance is offered; social events, dinners, religious services, celebrations of holidays, guest speakers, community service projects, informal and formal personal and academic counseling, retreats, international trips are only a few of the very diverse offerings of the Center.

Child Care Institute


The Lindner-Goldberg Child Care Institute in the Saltzman Community Services Center serves children from 8 weeks to 5 years of age. In cooperation with the School of Education and Allied Human Services, and other academic departments, the program offers a nurturing curriculum for young children. The Institute is open to all members of the Hofstra Family as well as to the outside community, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For additional information regarding fees, schedules and enrollment, call (516) 463-5194.

Computer Services


The Hofstra Computer Center offers computing support services to all sectors of the Hofstra community. The Center’s staff provides computing, voice and video services to the community including technical, software and training support for all computing activities on campus.

Located in McEwen Hall, the Computer Center supports UNIX, Macintosh and PC platform applications. High-speed data communications are available through Hofstra’s communication backbone, a Gigabit Ethernet network with an OC-3 connection to the Internet. More than 100 software applications are available on the network from centralized servers and can be accessed from individual student accounts.

Research computing is supported on a 96 CPU, 400 GigaFlop, Linux Beowulf supercomputer cluster. A campus gridcomputing initiative is also underway to provide additional research computing options.

Student Computing Services manages the following computer labs:

Calkins Lab, located in Calkins Hall
Dionne Lab and Multimedia Center, located in McEwen Hall
The Hammer Lab located in the East Wing of the Axinn Library
The Weller lab is located on the lower floor of Weller Hall

In addition to the three open access labs, there are workstations located in many academic areas. Technology enriched classrooms are available throughout campus. Additionally, C.V. Starr Hall contains state-of-the-art computer equipment used for instruction.

Computer Center personnel are available to provide training and assistance to students and faculty. Training seminars
are regularly scheduled. For more information see www.hofstra.edu/cc.

The Dean of Students Office


The Dean of Students Office is responsible for the administration of the University Judicial System, Residential Life, Spirit Support and Volunteerism, the Wellness Center, Chaplains’ Office, Freshman Advancement, Student Activities, Recreation and Intramurals and International students. Information is available at this office for students interested in Study Abroad, Student Government, student clubs, fraternity or sorority organizations, volunteer work or campus activities.

The Dean of Students Office provides a variety of social and educational programs designed to assist students’ growth and development. Any questions, problems, or suggestions regarding any facet of student life may be discussed with the Dean. The Dean of Students Office is ready to assist you with any problems and/or direct students to someone who can help. The Dean of Students office is located in Room 243 of the Student Center.

International Students Office


The International Students Office is concerned with all aspects of the international student life at Hofstra: academic, social, cultural, legal, and financial. The Office provides an orientation program a week before classes begin that introduces new students to registration procedures, the English Language Program, academic policies, residential life, health services, social activities, and general University information. In addition, the Office provides information on United States and overseas governmental and educational organizations. The Office assists with immigration counseling and applications for optional practical and curricular training, economic work necessity, program extensions, international student insurance, visa renewals, as well as travel assistance.

The Office plans trips and events throughout the year which are specifically targeted to the international community and sponsors the International Student Mentor Program, a student-run program to help new international students with adjustments to campus life and American culture. The Office also sponsors the Global Alliance Program, a monthly volunteer program that allows international students to interact with the local community and offers the Hofstra international community a wide range of support services ranging from assistance with adjustment concerns to adherence of immigration regulations.

Students are encouraged to join one of the international student organizations on campus that sponsor social and cultural events which are of interest to the entire Hofstra community: Graduate Organization of International Students (GOIS), and the International MBA Association (IMA).

International Study


Students interested in Study Abroad programs, see Program Coordinator.

Law School

Study abroad opportunities also exist for students at the Hofstra Law School. The Law School holds a summer law program at the University of Nice in Nice, France, and a winter intercession law program at the University of the Netherlands Antilles in Curacao. Special rules govern these programs for law students. The Law School’s study abroad programs are open to law students and law graduates. Graduate students in other disciplines may also be eligible. Interested students should inquire at the Law School through the Dean’s Office, 2nd floor, Law School.

The Parking Privileges


Parking Privileges are available to all vehicles registered with the Department of Public Safety. Only by prompt registering of vehicles (including changes in state license plate numbers when necessary), the proper display of the University parking permit, and the adherence to all parking regulations, will these privileges be assured. Parking stickers must be affixed to front and rear bumpers. There is no fee for parking permits. Copies of campus vehicle regulations and parking permits may be obtained at the Department of Public Safety at the Information Center, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Program for the Higher Education of the Disabled (PHED)


This program serves the community of individuals with disabilities on the Hofstra campus by providing appropriate
support services to eligible students. Students with physical and/or psychological disabilities needing assistance with
such areas as registration assistance, reader/writer/attendant care referrals, interpreters, counseling, equipment loan,
test administration, books on tape, or liaison with sponsoring agencies should contact the Director of PHED in the
Office of Academic Advisement, 101 Memorial Hall.

Radio Station


WRHU-FM, Radio Hofstra University, broadcasts 30 miles in all directions to much of Long Island and New York City as well as to parts of Connecticut and New Jersey. WRHU’s federally licensed frequency is 88.7 FM with a power of 470 watts. The station’s community radio programming has 31 distinct formats, is on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and reaches a potential audience of three to four million people. One format is a special news and information program “Hofstra’s Morning Wake-up Call,” 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday, targeted primarily for the University’s students, staff, faculty, and alumni. With the exception of four professional administrators, and certain community volunteer specialty show producers, the station is student-staffed and operated. WRHU is an integral part of the School of Communication and the station’s new digital quality broadcast facility is also used for academic work and professional recording projects, for which qualified students can receive stipends. The station offers a free noncredit course in audio-engineering, announcing, and production to students who are selected through an interview process. Visit www.hofstra.edu/campusl/wrhu/index_wrhu.cfm.

Residential Life


Hofstra University offers a variety of living environments geared toward meeting the diverse needs of graduate students. Alliance Hall is a high-rise building offering a traditional, corridor-style environment. Both single and double rooms are available in Alliance. The New Complex is a four-story building with two common area lounges and laundry facilities on each floor. Nassau and Suffolk are six-story buildings each containing a common area lounge on the main floor. New Complex suites consist of either two double rooms or two super single rooms that share a bathroom and a common living area. Finally, Twin Oaks is an apartment complex providing housing for students, staff and faculty.

Additional facilities in each residence hall include modern laundry facilities, state-of-the-art vending machines, kitchenettes, lounges and study areas. Some residence halls are equipped with recreational equipment including pool tables, ping pong tables, or video games. All students have direct access to the Internet, including World Wide Web, e-mail, and news services from their residence hall room. Cable and telephone services are also available in all residential buildings to provide optimum service to resident students.

The residence life program promotes community development in each residence hall/complex. Each floor has a live-in resident assistant who is available as a resource and initiates activities and programs on the floor. These programs, facilitated on a regular basis, assist students in many areas including academic, social, educational, and recreational. The Resident Student Association (RSA) is governed by the resident students themselves. RSA manages a budget, organizes a wide range of social and cultural events through-out the year, and serves as advocate for the rights and concerns of resident students in matters involving the University. For information on housing, write to the Residential Life Office located in 244 Student Center or call (516) 463-6930.

NOTE: The deadline for filing a housing application is May 1.

Special Education and Rehabilitation Center


The Center is an administrative unit within the areas of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling, is concerned with research and special projects in rehabilitation counseling and in the education of children and adults with disabilities. Center activities include short term training institutes, consultations with schools and agencies in the community, research and demonstration projects.

Student Counseling Services


Student Counseling Services is located in the Saltzman Community Services Center on the South Campus. Personal, career and educational counseling services are available to all students free of charge for a limited number of sessions. Individual and group counseling, evaluations for academic difficulties and career-interest testing are among the services provided. Topics for group counseling and skill-building workshops have included stress management, eating disorders, bereavement, children of alcoholics, relationship management, social skills and assertiveness. Counseling services are confidential and administered by a staff of psychologists and psychology interns. During the academic semester, counseling is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, and for abbreviated hours on Saturday. Student Counseling Services may be reached at (516) 463-6791. In the event of an emergency, on-call counselors can be reached around the clock by calling Public Safety, (516) 463-6789.

Writing Center


The Writing Center, which is administered by the English Department, is located in room 208 Calkins Hall and assists graduate and undergraduate students committed to learning to write more forcefully and persuasively. A staff of experienced college teachers who hold graduate degrees in English or related fields provides free, one-on-one instruction. By drawing on that instruction, students develop and sharpen skills and strategies needed to write successful research papers and master’s essays for their course work as well as cogent cover letters and personal statements for applications for employment, grants, or further graduate studies. Rather than proofreading essays for students, the Center’s staff teaches students to evaluate, edit, and revise their own writing. In this way, the Writing Center helps students to achieve their academic and professional goals. For further information, please contact the Center by telephone at (516) 463-5463 or by e-mail at enghofwrit@hofstra.edu.