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2007-2008 Graduate Studies Bulletin 
2007-2008 Graduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Trustees, Administrators, and Deans

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Trustees of Hofstra University


As of October 2007


John D. Miller,* Chair
Joseph M. Gregory,* Vice Chair
Edwin C. Reed, Vice Chair
Marilyn B. Monter,* Secretary
Stuart Rabinowitz, President


Alan J. Bernon*
Tejinder Bindra
Gary M. Cypres*
Robert F. Dall*
Helene Fortunoff
Martin B. Greenberg*
Leo A. Guthart
Amy Hagedorn
Peter S. Kalikow*
Abby Kenigsberg
Arthur J. Kremer
Karen L. Lutz
David S. Mack*
Janis M. Meyer*
Martha S. Pope
James E. Quinn*
Lewis S. Ranieri
Robert D. Rosenthal*
Frank G. Zarb*

*Hofstra Alumni


Carole T. Ferrand, Speaker of the Faculty
William F. Nirode, Chair, University Senate Executive Committee
Georgina Martorella, Chair, University Senate Planning and Budget
Brent G. Weitzberg, President, Student Government Association
Kate Legnetti, Vice President, Student Government Association
Joseph Sparacio,*President, Alumni Organization
Joseph D. Monticciolo, Chair, Hofstra Advisory Board

Emeriti Members

James H. Marshall,* President Emeritus
James M. Shuart,* President Emeritus

Donald E. Axinn,* Trustee Emeritus
Robert E. Brockway,* Trustee Emeritus
Emil V. Cianciulli,* Chair Emeritus
John J. Conefry, Jr., Chair Emeritus
Maurice A. Deane,* Chair Emeritus
George G. Dempster,* Chair Emeritus
Joseph L. Dionne,* Trustee Emeritus
Bernard Fixler,* Trustee Emeritus
Florence Kaufman, Trustee Emerita
Walter B. Kissinger, Trustee Emeritus
Ann M. Mallouk,* Chair Emerita
Thomas H. O’Brien, Trustee Emeritus
Donald A. Petrie,* Trustee Emeritus
Arnold A. Saltzman, Trustee Emeritus
Norman R. Tengstrom,* Trustee Emeritus

* Hofstra Alumni


Senior Administrators


Stuart Rabinowitz, J.D.
President; Andrew M. Boas and Mark Claster Distinguished Professor of Law
West Library Wing, Room 207
(516) 463-6800

Herman A. Berliner, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs;
Lawrence Herbert Distinguished Professor

West Library Wing, Room 200
(516) 463-5400

M. Patricia Adamski, J.D.
Senior Vice President for Planning and Administration;
Adolph J. and Dorothy R. Eckhardt Distinguished Professor
of Corporate Law
West Library Wing, Room 207
(516) 463-6800

Joseph M. Barkwill
Vice President for Facilities and Operations
Physical Plant, Room 126
(516) 463-6623

Melissa A. Connolly, B.A.
Vice President for University Relations
Hofstra Hall, Room 202
(516) 463-6818

Dolores Fredrich, J.D.
Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel
Hofstra Hall, Room 201
(516) 463-1800

Richard V. Guardino Jr., J.D.
Vice President for Business Development and Executive Dean,
Wilbur F. Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies
Scott Skodnek Business Development Center, Room 243
(516) 463-4069

Catherine Hennessy, M.B.A., C.P.A.
Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer
Phillips Hall, Room 100E
(516) 463-6820

Sandra S. Johnson, Ed.M.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Phillips Hall, Room 200G
(516) 463-6933

Robert W. Juckiewicz, M.S.
Vice President for Information Technology
McEwen Hall, Room 303
(516) 463-6900

Alan J. Kelly, B.A.
Vice President for Development
Hofstra Hall, Room 102
(516) 463-5027

Jack Hayes, M.A.
Director of Athletics
Hofstra Stadium, Room 202
(516) 463-6750


Academic Deans


Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bernard J. Firestone, Ph.D.
Heger Hall, Room 200
(516) 463-5410

New College

Barry N. Nass, Ph.D.
Vice Dean
Roosevelt Hall, Room 206
(516) 463-5829

Saturday College at Hofstra

Kenneth A. Henwood, Ph.D.
Associate Dean

145 University College Hall
(516) 463-5242

Frank G. Zarb School of Business

Salvatore F. Sodano, M.B.A.
Weller Hall, Room 307
(516) 463-5676

School of Communication

Sybil A. DelGaudio, Ph.D.
Dempster Hall, Room 318
(516) 463-5215

School of Education and Allied Human Services

Maureen O. Murphy, Ph.D.
Interim Dean
Hagedorn Hall, Room 238
(516) 463-5740

Honors College

Warren G. Frisina, Ph.D.
Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library, Room 037A
(516) 463-4783

School of Law

Nora V. Demleitner, J.D.
Interim Dean
Law School, Room 109
(516) 463-6190

School for University Studies

Paula Uruburu, Ph.D.
Acting Executive Director, School for University Studies
Mason Hall, Room 303
(516) 463-6280

Center for Continuing Education and Professional Advancement

Stephen J. Anspacher, M.A.,
Associate Provost; Executive Director
University College Hall, Room 126
(516) 463-5025

Library and Information Services

Daniel R. Rubey, Ph.D., M.L.S.
Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library, Room 901A
(516) 463-5940