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2008 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2008 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Courses-General Info

Not all courses conform to the standard session dates. Please see individual courses for exact dates. Subject to change.

Session Dates

Session I: May 21-June 24
Session II: June 30-August 1
Session III: August 4-22

Schedule and Instructor Changes

The University may find it necessary and reserves the right to cancel a course, to divide a class and to change instructors. For up-to-date information on course availability, classrooms, and instructors, please visit

General Notes

  • Workshops and special programs may not follow the normal calendar or daily schedule. Dates and times can be found in the course listing.
  • The Pass/D+/D/Fail option is not available for distribution courses, except for those courses given only on that basis.
  • An asterisk in the course offerings indicates that either the instructor or location is yet to be determined. (See legend below.)
  • Students who are registering for a course that requires separate enrollment in a lecture and a lab section must register for both courses.
  • Students enrolling in courses requiring computer time should be aware of the Computer Center’s hours when selecting courses to ensure sufficient time for completion of assignments.

Distribution Courses

A number of Hofstra University bachelor⬔s degree programs include distribution requirements among their general degree requirements. Courses that are designated as distribution courses have a two-letter prefix prefacing the course title. The following is a key to determine the distribution category into which a course may fall. For detailed information about distribution courses, see pages 63-64 of the 2007-2008 Undergraduate Bulletin. For a listing of all distribution courses offered, see pages 68-72 of the same publication.

Humanities Division

(LT) Literature
(AA) Appreciation and Analysis
(CP) Creative Participation

Natural Sciences, Mathematics/Computer Science Division

(NS) Natural Science
(MC) Mathematics Computer Science

Social Sciences Division

(BH) Behavioral Social Sciences
(HP) History, Philosophy, Religion
(CC) Cross Cultural

(IS) Interdisciplinary Studies