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2005-2006 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2005-2006 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Academic Organization

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Instructional Areas


The academic units of the University are organized into the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which includes New College; Zarb School of Business; School of Communication; and the School of Education and Allied Human Services. See also School for University Studies.

Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Division of the Humanities

Comparative Literature and Languages
Comparative Literature
English Language Program
Jewish Studies
Literature in Translation
Modern Greek
Drama and Dance
Theater Arts
English and Freshman Composition
Creative Writing and Literature
English and American Literature
Publishing Studies and Literature
Fine Arts, Art History and Humanities
Romance Languages and Literatures
Ibero-American Studies
Italian Studies

Division of the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science

  Natural Science
Computer Science
  Computer Engineering
  Electrical Engineering
  Engineering Science
  Industrial Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering
  Technology and Public Policy
  Environmental Resources
  Applied Mathematics
Physics and Astronomy

Division of the Social Sciences

Economics and Geography

  Business Economics
Philosophy and Religious Studies
  Philosophy of Science
  Religious Studies
Political Science
  International Affairs
  Public Affairs
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
  Speech-Language Pathology

Additional Areas

  African Studies
  American Studies
  Asian Studies
  Labor Studies
  Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  Liberal Arts
  Liberal Arts Colloquia
  Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies
  Military Science
  Physician Assistant Studies
  Women’s Studies

New College

A small, interdisciplinary liberal arts college where students study for the Bachelor of Arts degree in humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, creative studies or interdisciplinary studies. Students have opportunities for individual study on campus and internship projects off campus as well as classroom course work and study abroad. The College offers a graduate program in interdisciplinary studies. Students have access to all University resources.

Complementary and Ancillary Programs

Off-Campus Education
University Without Walls


Frank G. Zarb School of Business

Accounting, Taxation, and Legal Studies in Business
Business Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods
Management, Entrepreneurship, and General Business
Marketing and International Business


School of Communication

Video/Television (Note: B.A. and B.S.)
Film Studies and Production
Audio/Video and Film
Video/Television and Business
Video/Television and Film
Journalism and Mass Media Studies
Print Journalism
Broadcast Journalism
Public Relations
Mass Media Studies
Speech Communication, Rhetoric, and Performance Studies


School of Education and Allied Human Services

Counseling, Research, Special Education, and Rehabilitation
  Creative Arts Therapy
Curriculum and Teaching
  Bilingual Education
  Early Childhood Education
  Elementary Education
   Math, Science and Technology
  Fine Arts Education
  Music Education
  Secondary Education
   Foreign Languages
   Social Studies
  Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESOL)
Foundations, Leadership and Policy Studies
Health Professions and Family Studies
  Community Health
  Health Education
Literacy Studies
Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  Athletic Training
  Exercise Specialist


School for University Studies

The Freshman Division provides a unique first year collegiate curriculum for high school graduates requesting or requiring a structured approach to a university undergraduate education.

The Transfer Division enrolls a limited number of students with college experience not at Hofstra University whose academic potential is best realized through a structured initial year.

The PALS Division provides skills workshops and other forms of assistance to students with professionally diagnosed learning disabilities.

The Degree Division enables part-time students, as well as traditional students, to fulfill the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts degree in a more flexible manner than is available at most universities.


Honors College

Hofstra University Honors College is an innovative program leading to honors designations at graduation. The Honors curriculum offers a 12-credit first year program, honors seminars, and the opportunity to do honors-level work in any undergraduate major or concentration.


Saturday College at Hofstra

Serves mature, nontraditional students, allowing them to earn an undergraduate degree in four years without interrupting their career and family responsibilities.


University College for Continuing Education

In service to the community, University College offers programs and courses on a noncredit basis.

Hofstra University’s College for Continuing Education program (UCCE) makes available to the Long Island and surrounding communities a broad range of workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures, events and courses in the arts, business, technology, humanities, sciences, legal studies, test review, sports and recreation. These noncredit programs are oriented to diverse audiences: adult and youth, professional and general, experienced and novices, indeed all those interested in learning more about their world, their society and themselves. In some cases, registrants earn a certificate, license renewal, or continuing education units applicable to their professional association.

Listed below are some of the major programs being offered throughout the year. Detailed brochures on all curricula are available in the UCCE Office or by visiting the Web site at www.hofstra.edu/ucce. For additional information, call (516) 463-5993 or write: University College for Continuing Education, 250 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549.

Division of Professional Development


ALLIED HEALTH encompasses several programs for professionals seeking training, basic and more advanced, in their field of expertise.

CENTER FOR BUSINESS STUDIES offers courses, seminars, conferences, workshops and certificate programs in areas such as insurance, real estate, financial planning, payroll, personal investment and portfolio management, marketing, purchasing management, management, living in a senior world, small business, entrepreneurship, employee benefits, appraising, travel agent training, career development facilitation, and other business education fields.

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS include Accounting Certificate program, Finance Certificate Program, General Management Certificate Program, Human Resources Management Certificate Program, International Business Certificate Program, Labor Studies Certificate Program, Marketing Certificate Program, and Business Information Systems Credit Certificate.

Information Technology and Applications


Information technology courses consist of evening, day, and weekend hands-on instruction in the most popular applications and programming languages including Windows, Microsoft Office, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, e-commerce, and database design. In addition to individual courses, noncredit certificate programs are offered.

Legal Studies


PARALEGAL STUDIES CERTIFICATE PROGRAM prepares those with a minimum of 60 college credits or two years of relevant work experience for rewarding career opportunities in law firms, corporations, banks, insurance companies, government agencies and the courts.

LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM prepares registered nurses who possess current nursing licenses and three or more years of clinical experience to begin legal consulting careers.

Division of Continuing Education


LIBERAL ARTS STUDIES spans a wide range of interests-from the traditional arts and sciences to recreation, to the outdoors, fitness, travel (both local and international), professional development and more.

SUMMER WRITING WORKSHOPS offer both beginning and published writers the opportunity to study with a faculty of noted writers in five genres: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, writing for children, and screenwriting/playwriting.

SUNDAYS AT HOFSTRA is a series of lectures/presentations in such areas as archaeology, art history, literature, self-awareness, business, personal finances and many others.

TEST REVIEW are for those heading to college, graduate school, or medical school where test scores play a critical role in the admission process.

PROFESSIONALS AND EXECUTIVES IN RETIREMENT (PEIR), a self directed, learner-centered daytime campus program, is designed for individuals in or approaching retirement who wish to utilize their leisure time in stimulating and creative ways.

Division of Youth Programs


SATURDAY CLASSES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE for ages 3 to 18 years, are offered throughout the academic year. SUMMER CAMPS offer specialties in actors’ workshop, adventure education, athletic development, baseball, basketball, computer, creative enrichment, dance, fine arts, golf, mathematics, reading, science, soccer, and tennis, all for children between the ages of 5 and 14. In addition, there are several specialty camps: Hofstra’s Baseball Camp, Hofstra’s Basketball Camp, Hofstra’s Lacrosse Camp, and Hofstra’s Boys’ Wrestling Camp.