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2004-2005 Law Catalog 
2004-2005 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]


Hofstra University School of Law enjoys a national reputation for academic excellence. Fully accredited by the American Bar Association, the Law School offers the following degrees:

  • Juris Doctor (J.D.)
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration (J.D./M.B.A.)
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Science Taxation (J.D./M.S. Taxation)
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)

The Admissions Office of the School of Law is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on holidays. Information may be obtained by telephone during business hours by calling (516) 463-5916.

Requirements for J.D. Admission

An applicant must be a graduate of an approved college or university and must file proof that he or she holds an accredited bachelor’s degree after a course of study at that institution. A student may, however, file for admission on the basis of three years of undergraduate work, provided that he or she is working toward a bachelor’s degree and will have been awarded it prior to the start of lectures at the School of Law. No specific undergraduate course of study is required.

The structure of the admissions process is designed to ensure that applications are given a personalized review. The faculty admissions committee exercises great care in evaluating all facets of applications. The LSAT and undergraduate record, although important, are not solely determinative. Other factors include the applicant’s recommendations, trend in grades, work experience or extracurricular activities. Factors other than the LSAT and undergraduate record are particularly significant for older applicants and for those whose history demonstrates socioeconomic or educational disadvantages.

Transfer Students

A select number of students who achieve high academic standing at other accredited law schools may be eligible for admission with advanced standing to the Hofstra School of Law. Credit for courses previously taken is determined by the Dean’s Office. Transfer applicants are required to go through the regular application process (including LSDAS) stating on their application forms that they are applying as transfer students. Letters of recommendation must include a dean’s recommendation from the last law school attended indicating that the applicant is in good academic standing and is eligible to return to that law school. No final decisions are made on any transfer application until transcripts of all prior law study have been received. No more than one year’s credit for previous law study will be allowed. The transfer application fee is the same as the regular law school application fee.

Visiting Students

A limited number of non-Hofstra students may be eligible for admission as visiting students. Applications are available from the School of Law Office of Admissions and must be accompanied by the regular Law School application fee.

Hofstra students who wish to visit at another law school must receive written permission from the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. Permission will be granted only in the most extraordinary circumstances, and the student must meet all Hofstra requirements for graduation.

Reactivating Admission Files

Applicants who have applied for admission within the past three years may file a written request that such applications be reactivated for consideration. The request must be accompanied with a new application form updating the prior application. An application fee of $60 must accompany the request. Such applicants must update the file, may submit additional recommendations, and must arrange activation of their LSDAS subscription.