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2019-2020 Law Catalog 
2019-2020 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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LAW 2985 - Expert Witness - Homicide

Expert Witness-Homicide is an interdisciplinary course that will be taught by law school and forensic sciences faculty. Upper level forensic sciences students will take the course along with law students and work on a simulated homicide case. The student lawyers and forensic experts will work together on building and presenting a prosecution and defense case. They will become familiar with, 1) crime scene investigation and evidence collection; 2) forensic evaluation and analyses of the collected evidence; 3) interpretation of forensic expert reports; and, 4) preparation for and participation in a pre-trial hearings; and eventual trial. Emphasis will be placed on skills and techniques necessary to overcome the manifold technical problems of Daubert hearings, which include credentialing witnesses and understanding the underlying science. The student experts will be prepared by the student lawyers and their testimony will be presented on behalf of the prosecution and defense. The students will also be exposed to the difficult ethical and evidentiary problems that surround many complex homicide case.

Prerequisites & Notes
Pre-Req: Evidence

Credits: 2

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