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2019-2020 Law Catalog 
2019-2020 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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Law 3992 - Clinical Bioethics II

This course is an advanced seminar that focuses on bioethical issues at the intersection of health law and clinical health care practice. It forms one part of a pair of courses that begins with Clinical Bioethics I. The two courses (together) constitute a Certificate Program in Clinical Bioethics.   Both semesters of the course introduce students to theories of moral reasoning and clinical applications of bioethical theory. Students will gain practical experience handling disputes of the sort that come before hospital ethics committees and that are considered through ethics consultations in hospitals and other health care facilities. 

The second semester of the program (Clinical Bioethics II) focuses on ethical dilemmas created by bias in clinical care and health care disparities as well as ethical challenges occasioned by technological developments such as challenges involving organ donation and transplantation, embryonic stem-cell research, neuroethics, and scientific research and rules of disclosure.


The seminar will be open to law students, students from other branches of the University, and practicing professionals (including health care clinicians and attorneys). This course follows Clinical Bioethics I and cannot be taken by students who have not taken that course. Students who take and receive passing grades in Clinical Bioethics I and II will receive a Certificate of Bioethics.


Permission of instructor required.

Credits: 3

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