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2020-2021 Graduate Studies Bulletin 
2020-2021 Graduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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LING 290 - Internship in Forensic Linguistics

Semester Hours: 1-3
Fall, Spring

This course is designed to provide supervised practical experience in the area of forensic linguistics via placement in an appropriate nonprofit, public-sector, or private-sector organizational setting, in which students will perform a minimum of 21 hours per week of service for 3 s.h. (14 hours/week for 2 s.h.; 7 hours/week for 1 s.h.). Weekly classroom meetings for students in internships will be utilized to discuss substantive, professional, and logistical issues associated with their individual experiences. 

Prerequisite(s)/Course Notes:
A research paper or participation in a case report linked to internship activities is required. Grading is mandatory Pass/Fail. May be repeated once for credit, with permission of a graduate program adviser.

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