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2020-2021 Graduate Studies Bulletin 
2020-2021 Graduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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JRNL 219 - Feature Reporting for Radio and Podcast

Semester Hours: 3

This is a graduate reporting course which applies the theories and practices of radio journalism and digital audio production. By employing the multi-step process involved in narrative feature reporting and production, students are taught to create layered audio features appropriate to a variety of formats heard on public and community radio, and on both commercial and non-commercial audio podcasts, blogs, streaming services and websites. Students gain competency in audio storytelling, pre-production researching and planning, field recording, interviewing, and post-production, including writing and editing elaborate scripts, and recording narration in studio. Technical emphasis will be placed on digital audio editing, multi-track mixing, remote field recording, and on-line development, including the distribution and dissemination of podcasts.

Projects include the conceptualization, writing, and production of audio feature stories, mini-documentaries, and traditional audio essays, with accompanying web-based and mobile media applications (blogs and social media). Projects will be broadcast on WRHU in its weekly long-form magazine and podcast, Getting to the Root, and/or the web-based radio stream of the Herbert School,, as the School’s online news site The Long Island Advocate. Lectures and labs are designed to get students to think comprehensively about audio production, to understand that technical proficiency and critical thinking are required to develop features and/or documentaries, and to recognize the importance of one’s target audience.

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