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2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin
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HUHC 021 A-Z - Special Topics Seminar

Semester Hours: 1-4

Fall, Spring

Special Topic Seminars are specialized courses offered to students of Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College . Each seminar is proposed, designed, and led by a member of the Hofstra faculty. Multiple seminars are offered each semester on a wide variety of topics. The purpose of the seminars is to provide HUHC students and faculty an opportunity to explore subject matter and topics that do not typically present themselves in regular departmental offerings.

Current Special Topics


Recent advances and research improvements in cell and tissue technologies, molecular biology, immunology, surgery, biomaterials, drug delivery, and bioengineering now enable us to repair and regenerate select damaged and diseased bodily structures.  We will study the origin and development of these technologies and discuss the FDA-approved and available clinical procedures, mechanisms of how they work, success rate and associated risk factors, ongoing in vivo research, and the future of regenerative medicine including personalized medicine and organ engineering.  Students from all disciplines (not just biomedical engineering) will benefit since the materials covered will not require any prerequisites and are understandable, accessible, and relatable to students in health fields, philosophy, religion, law, public policy, etc.


Advanced Techniques in Behavioral Research: Human behavior is complex and multifaceted. Understanding human behavior is of importance to social scientists, public policymakers, and businesses. This course uses advanced research technologies to gain insights into multiple aspects of human behavior. Specifically, the course will focus on advanced tools such as eye-tracking, facial analysis, voice analysis, and text analysis. Theories underlying measurements using these advanced technologies will be discussed in addition to their practical applications in various disciplines. The seminar will also have a lab component during which students will get hands-on experience using these technologies to better understand human behavior. Lab exercises will be conducted in the state-of-the-art Behavioral Research Laboratory in the School of Business. Students will design a research study, collect primary data, and write a report based on the use of advanced technologies to understand some aspects of human behavior.

* HUHC 021 courses are non-liberal arts classes

Prerequisite(s)/Course Notes:
Special Topic Seminars are open to Honors College students in good standing and, with the permission of the instructor and the HUHC Deans’ Office, to other students who meet HUHC entrance criteria. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. Not for liberal arts credit.

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