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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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BIOL 112 - (NS) General Biology I

Semester Hours: 4

Fall, Spring

This is the first semester of the sequence of biology courses required for the major. In lecture you will be introduced to the Big Ideas in Biology (BIBs) - 1) Evolution, 2) Structure and Function, 3) Information Flow 4) Energy and Pathways, and 5) Systems - with emphasis on organismal, ecological and evolutionary biology. (3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory.)

Prerequisite(s)/Course Notes:
Requires a high school GPA of at least 3.4 or C- or better in BIOL 111 . Students with high school GPA < 3.4 must take BIOL 111  first. Lab fee additional. Course designed for biology majors. Also recommended for majors in other sciences, pre-health professional, pre-veterinary students and undeclared students considering science as a major. Majors in other disciplines are strongly advised to take BIOL 111  (formerly BIO 003) or BIOL 004  (formerly BIO 004) to fulfill a laboratory science requirement. This course may involve dissection of dead animals in laboratory. If students taking this course have moral, ethical, or religious beliefs that prevent them from participating, they need to discuss available alternatives to these activities with the chairperson of the Department of Biology.

Credit is given for either BIOL 112 or BIO 012. (Formerly BIO 012)

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