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2007-2008 Graduate Studies Bulletin 
2007-2008 Graduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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AVF 253 - Cross-Cultural Documentary

Semester Hours: 4
 “Cross-cultural” filmmaking refers to telling stories that are outside our immediate experience – in terms of the tapestry of culture, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, language, politics, etc. This course enables students to refer to their personal experiences to unravel their sociopolitical positions with respect to the subjects they are filming. Students will use the raw data of their own experiences or of those close to them to develop film proposals which can range from video advocacy pieces to diaristic, lyrical works. In addition, students will learn how to develop treatments, pitch their work to “mock funders,” assess their audiences and develop their visual languages for their projects. We will explore different strategies to enter communities as “insiders” and outsiders.” Students will become familiar with the controversial debates on who has the “right” to represent whom – be they insiders, outsiders, or somewhere in between.                                                                                                  

Prerequisites & Course Notes
AVF 231 or permission of instructor.

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