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2008-2009 Law Catalog 
2008-2009 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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LAW 2756 - Advanced Civil Procedure

This course will undertake an in-depth examination of special issues arising in the context of complex civil litigation, with emphasis on business and commercial disputes and mass tort proceedings. It will focus on both federal and New York procedure. Among the topics to be considered are joinder of parties, intervention, duplicative or related litigation, transfer of cases, forum non conveniens, maintenance and defense of class actions, electronic discovery, document destruction issues, assertion and waiver of privilege, claim and issue preclusion, and alternate dispute resolution techniques. Students will have an opportunity to enhance their advocacy skills by arguing motions based on the subject matter under study. The course is intended to assist students in applying knowledge of civil procedure to specific problems which are likely to be encountered in real cases.

Credits: 2

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