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2008 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2008 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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SOC 187A - Special Topics: Work Experience in America

It will be our aim to explore the nature and meaning of work in America today. To do that, we will trace some of the critical changes that have taken place since the post WWII era, not only here, but globally. We will also explore the work ethic and the changes it has undergone as well. Of key interest will be the impact work has on our sense of self and worth, its impact on other areas of our lives, especially leisure time, and the implications of current trends for the future. The format of the course will be to initially utilize existing literature on these issues, and then explore work places through individual fieldwork. Students will be expected to visit and interview people at their jobs and relate that information to reading and lecture material. NOTE: Prior to the first day of class, please pick up the syllabus and first reading assignment at the Department of Sociology, Davison Hall, Room 205. A copy of the syllabus and first assignment will also be posted on Blackboard.

Semester Hours: 2

Summer 2008 Offering:
60517:    Sat, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Satler, 101 Brower
               Course meets 5/31; 6/7, 14.

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