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2011 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2011 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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SPED 256 - Schoolwide Enrichment and Instructional Methods and Materials for Gifted/Talented Children

Semester Hours: 3
Course enables students to integrate advanced levels of learning experiences and models of learning and thinking, into any curriculum or course of study. Students will acquire specific knowledge and “how-to” expertise in schoolwide enrichment, to challenge and assist all learners, including gifted/talented students. An overview of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model and special emphasis on Enrichment Clusters and Curriculum Compacting provides students with ample “know-how” to build a strong foundation for enrichment learning and teaching in their classrooms. Designed for teachers already familiar with approaches and strategies in specific subject areas and grade levels. 

Prerequisite(s)/Course Notes:
Students are required to complete ten hours of participant observation and advisement. (Formerly Schoolwide Enrichment: Instructional Methods and Materials for All Learners.)

Summer 2011 Offering:
60418: Distance Learning, Cline

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