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2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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RTVF 114 A-Z - Advanced Television Writing

Semester Hours: 3
This course provides students with an opportunity to develop and write a sample script for an established program as well as a script for an original program. To deepen and contextualize the student’s knowledge of this genre, the course analyzes a series of classic radio and television programs spanning more than five decades. Students participate in the brainstorming of script ideas, analyzing and rewriting of early drafts, creating show rundowns and outlines, and polishing dialogue and characterization. At the heart of this collaborative writing process lies the most critical responsibility of a professional television writer — listening and providing feedback to other writers, pitching original story ideas, and the craft of collaboration to solve story problems.

Prerequisite(s)/Course Notes:
RTVF 024 , 026  and 034 .   Permission of department chairperson. May not be taken on a Pass/D+/D/Fail basis. As each individual topic is selected, it is assigned a letter (A-Z) and added to the course number.  Course may be taken a number of times as long as there is a different letter designation each time it is taken.  Specific titles and course descriptions for special topics are available in the online course schedule. (Formerly RTVF 114, Advanced Television Writing: The Sitcom.)

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