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2016-2017 Law Catalog 
2016-2017 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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LAW 3503 - Health Law and Policy Capstone

The capstone course, to be taken in the final semester of the program, will focus on the application of substantive knowledge and skills gained during previous courses.  The first few weeks of the course will focus on summarizing and reinforcing the concepts learned in previous courses.  Then, the focus of the course will shift to identifying problems encountered in the health care system, in particular the intersection of previously covered topics, such as health care regulation, bioethics, insurance, and health care transactions, and formulating potential solutions to such problems. In order to do so, students will be asked to not only consider information from previously taken courses, but also  to use research and critical thinking skills to expand their knowledge of the health care system and the legal process in order to solidify their working knowledge of health law and legal institutions.

The course will generally be structured using major legal institutions within the United States for guidance, such as the functions of legislative, executive, and judicial institutions, as well as rolls of state and federal governments in the health care system.   However, the information to be covered in the capstone course will focus on practical issues faced while working in the health care system, including current events, and the skills necessary to resolve such issues. In addition, students will be required to complete a final project, in the form of a research paper, which must identify at least two or more issues encountered in the health law program and offer a potential solution to such issues.  The objective of the final project is for students to draw upon their knowledge of the health care system and legal institutions through independent research to offer a reasoned and well-supported solution to the issues selected by each student.

Prerequisites & Notes
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Credits: 5

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