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2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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ENGG 130 - Modeling, Analysis and Control of Dynamic Systems

Semester Hours: 4
Dynamic system investigation process; physical and mathematical modeling of mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, fluid, thermal, and multidisciplinary engineering systems. Dynamic system response. Time-domain and frequency domain analysis; transfer-function, block diagram, and state-space model representations; linearization of components and models; control system design: stability and performance; feedback and feedforward control; root-locus and frequency response analysis and design techniques; proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) control modes. There is extensive use of MATLAB/Simulink and relevant MATLAB Toolboxes. There are 10 studio hardware/software sessions integrated into the course. (3 hrs lecture, 2 hrs lab)

Prerequisite(s)/Course Notes:
ENGG 026 , 030 . Corequisite: MATH 131 . (Formerly Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems.)

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