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2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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SBLY 002 - (IS) Sustainability Planning and Policy

Semester Hours: 3
Fall, Spring
This course focuses on issues in urban and suburban sustainability; cities and suburbs, because they are developing measurable approaches to improving their overall sustainability, are the leaders in the contemporary sustainability movement. The course will 1) review the history of the sustainability movement and the evolution of urban and suburban sustainability, with a strong emphasis on the development of benchmarking efforts; 2) examine various sustainability approaches that are used to manage resources, maintain environmental equity, and improve cities; and 3) examine several case studies in order to evaluate sustainability efforts in specific cities. Students will complete a final group project in which they will assess the sustainability of Hofstra’s campus.

Prerequisite(s)/Course Notes:
There will be guest lectures and two field trips. (Formerly Issues in Urban and Suburban Sustainability.)

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