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2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]




The following areas are administered by this department: English, Creative Writing, and Publishing Studies.

Associate Professor Valerius, Chairperson
Professors Fichtelberg, Levin, McPhee, Rustici, Uruburu, L. Zimmerman
Associate Professors Fizer, Harshbarger, Pasupathi, Sills, Smith
Assistant Professor McMasters

The Department of English offers a full range of courses in literature, creative writing, and publishing.

The English Major

Students majoring in English , select a concentration, either in Literatures in English, Children’s and Young Adult Literature, Creative Writing and Literature, or Publishing Studies. Students who choose the Literatures in English concentration take a wide variety of courses in literature, organized around issues, authors, genres, or historical periods. Students who choose the Creative Writing and Literature concentration divide their course work between literature courses and workshops in writing prose, poetry, drama, essays, screenplays, and children’s literature. Students who choose the Publishing Studies concentration divide their course work between literature courses and courses in which they study the history and practice of publishing and the skills and techniques that are essential in the publishing industry.  Students who choose the Children’s and Young Adult Literature concentration complete course work in literature, creative writing, publishing studies, and psychology to develop the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the field of children’s literature as writers, critics, and/or editors.