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2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Geology, Environment and Sustainability



The following areas are administered by the Department of Geology, Environment and Sustainability: Geology, Environmental Resources, Meteorology and Sustainability Studies.

Geology (GEOL)

Professor Bennington, Chairperson
Emeritus Professors Merguerian, Radcliffe
Professor Farmer
Associate Professor Marsellos

The geology program at Hofstra offers BA  and BS  degrees in geology and a BS degree in environmental resources . The BA degree prepares students for teaching earth science in high school and provides a general background in the study of geology for those wishing to pursue science journalism, public education, or other related non-technical professions. Students intending to enter a technical field such as environmental remediation, hydrology, geotechnical studies, or mineral resources, as well as those students intending to continue study of an earth-science subject in graduate school, should complete the BS degree in geology. Students interested in a career in the environmental sciences or public planning should consider the BS degree in environmental resources.

Sustainability Studies (SBLY)

Professor Robert Brinkmann, Director of Sustainability Studies
Assistant Professor Bernhardt

The BA major in sustainability studies  focuses on global environmental issues in suburban and urban areas.  The BS major in sustainability studies  allows students to complete a broad-based interdisciplinary course of study with required concentrations in sustainability, in the natural sciences, and in mathematics, and with a selection of relevant electives from across the curriculum.

Meteorology (METR)

Assistant Professor Bernhardt

Students may earn a minor in Meteorology to develop a background in weather and climate studies sufficient to allow them to explore post-graduate studies and employment opportunities in meteorology, climate science, and weather forecasting. The minor in Meteorology may be combined with a major in Geology or Sustainability Studies, but not more than 6 s.h. from the major can count toward the minor.