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2010-2011 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Computer Science

Associate Professor Kamberova, Chairperson

Associate Professors S. Doboli, Liang, Ostheimer, Pillaipakkamnatt; Assistant Professors Ammari, Fu.


The mission of the undergraduate programs offered by the Department of Computer Science is to provide students with a strong foundation in the theory and practice of computer science, engineering and related applications, in order to help them develop into knowledgeable, responsible professionals and lifelong learners, able to create and implement the latest computing technologies for the betterment of society.


Hofstra offers the following degree programs in computer science: B.A. and B.S. in Computer Science, B.S. in Computer Engineering, and B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics. In addition, students in the department may enhance their major by completing a Concentration or an Option in Leadership and Innovation in Computing. Majors from other departments may complete a Minor in Computer Science or a Minor in Computer Engineering.

The B.A. combines a major in computer science with a broad program in the liberal arts. The B.S. in Computer Science prepares the student for a professional career or graduate study in computer science or a related field by providing a more focused computer science program combined with a stronger foundation in mathematics and natural sciences, while still allowing the student the opportunity to explore the liberal arts. The B.S. in Computer Engineering aims at providing students with a solid education in the engineering of computer and digital systems with a strong liberal arts component. The B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics is a dual-degree program providing a rigorous background in computer science and mathematics, and allowing students to complete simultaneously in-depth study in both disciplines, thus providing an excellent preparation for a professional career or further academic studies.

In addition, for those majors interested in complementing their computing education with insight into the high-tech innovation process and the global nature of the computing industry, the department offers a Concentration in Leadership and Innovation in Computing (CLIC) and an alternative Option in Leadership and Innovation in Computing (OLIC). The entrepreneurship and business expertise is provided by the Zarb School of Business and the Entrepreneurial Advisory Board. The CLIC and OLIC programs target students who aspire to impact society with their innovative ideas in the computing field, whose career goals encompass entrepreneurship, who want to work in high-tech start-ups, or who are otherwise motivated to further expand their knowledge of the entrepreneurship and business functions of the computing industry.

Freshmen are encouraged to take the first-year seminars (CSC 14F and 14S) when offered by the department.


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