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2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Romance Languages and Literatures



The following areas are administered by this department and listed independently: French, Italian, Italian Studies and Italian American Studies, Portuguese, Spanish and Romance Languages and Literatures in Translation (including courses in FRLT, ITLT, RLLT and SPLT).

Professor Loucif, Chairperson
Professors D’Acierno, Powell, Schwab, Zapata
Associate Professors Anastasio, Castaldi, Lledó-Guillem Pell, Sampedro, Ultsch

Romance Languages and Literatures in Translation (RLLT)

French (FREN)
Professors Loucif, Powell, Schwab

Pi Delta Phi: a national French honor society, see Honors .

Both major and minor programs are supervised by a full-time faculty member of French, selected by the student.

Italian (ITAL)
Professor D’Acierno; Associate Professors Castaldi, Pell, Ultsch

Italian Studies (ITST)
Professor D’Acierno, Director
Associate Professor Castaldi

Portuguese (PORT)

Spanish (SPAN)
Professor Zapata Associate Professors Anastasio, Lledó-Guillem, Sampedro

Sigma Delta Pi: a national Spanish honor society.