May 27, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]




Professor Bogard, Chairperson
Professors Abraham, Bogard, Maney, Satler, Silver
Associate Professors Gurevich, Mangino, Niedt, Shih
Assistant Professor Rodriguez


The sociology major  or minor  gives students a comprehensive education in the study of society and human interaction. Through coursework and hands-on participation in scholarly research, sociology students develop the critical reasoning and theoretical, analytical and communication skills needed to understand and address social problems and inequalities in global, institutional, and interpersonal social relations. Our graduates often pursue advanced degrees and go on to successful careers in fields including business and marketing, the health professions, journalism, the criminal justice and legal systems, social services, nonprofits, politics and government, and higher education.

Alpha Kappa Delta: a national sociology honor society, see Honors .

Associate Professor Gurevich, Director

Criminology studies the presence and consequences of crime in society. The criminology program offers both the major  and the minor  for undergraduate students interested in this important and exciting field. It is interdisciplinary and strongly based in the liberal arts. It offers a broad array of courses from the social sciences, physical sciences, and humanities in disciplines such as sociology, psychology, philosophy, political science, forensics and linguistics. The program is designed to provide students with sound methodological and analytic skills, leading to a critical understanding of crime, the operation of the criminal justice system, and the interrelationships among social, political, economic, legal, behavioral, and ethical factors bearing on the sources of and societal responses to criminal activity.