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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

European Studies, Minor in

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European Studies is an interdisciplinary minor program that offers a wide array of courses regarding contemporary and historic Europe.  Europe is understood in a broad context including: West, East, Central, and Southern Europe, as well as Russia and the Confederation of Independent States. 

Studying European politics, history, languages, economics and culture will give students a better understanding of the foundations of western civilization and the linkage Europe has with the rest of the world.  European economic integration, the expansion of NATO, and new forms of globalization have reshaped the role of European nations on the world stage, making it an arena of particular current interest.  A minor in European studies will prepare students for careers in government, foreign affairs, international business, education and translation as well as for advanced degrees in European Studies and European Union Studies and Law.


Minor Requirements - Total Semester Hours: 18

A minor in European Studies consists of the successful completion of 18 semester hours, under advisement, with at least 6 hours in-residence as follows: 9 semester hours of Pan European courses and 9 semester hours of electives, as outlined below.  Students must take one Pan European course from each of the three areas and at least one elective in both Humanities and Social Sciences as outlined below.

Students may not take more than 6 s.h. in a single discipline. Courses in foreign languages above the University language requirement may be used to satisfy the Humanities elective requirement provided the instructor confirms European content.

Language requirement: In addition to the 18 semester hours cited above, students must also satisfy the BA language requirement in an approved European language other than English, or demonstrate competency in an approved European language other than English. Students are strongly encouraged to reach level 4 or its equivalent, or above, in an approved European language, but it is not required. Language courses applied toward the language requirement do not count toward the 18 semester hours needed to complete the minor.

A) Pan European Courses - Total semester hours: 9

9 semester hours with 3 semester hours from each of the following categories.

B) European Studies Electives - Total Semester Hours: 9

9 s.h. chosen from the two categories below with at least 3 s.h. chosen from Humanities and 3 s.h. from Social Sciences. See program director for accepted courses.

I. Humanities

The following courses fulfill the humanities requirement for European Studies. Other humanities courses with significant European content may apply and require director approval.

II. Social Sciences

The following courses fulfill the social sciences European Studies requirement. Other social science courses with significant European content may apply and require director approval.

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