Mar 30, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Mathematics, BS Major in

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The BS major in mathematics requires the same math courses as the BA, plus the completion of one of seven tracks: Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics. 

Program Requirements

Candidates for graduation must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Total Semester Hours: 124

The successful completion of at least 124 semester hours and a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in work completed at Hofstra.

2. Liberal Arts

At least 62 semester hours of liberal arts courses. At least 55 of these credits must be completed in courses other than mathematics.

3. Residence Requirements

There are two requirements that must ordinarily be completed in residence at Hofstra: 15 semester hours in the major field of specialization and the last 30 semester hours. The 15 semester hours need not be included within the last 30 hours.

4. General Requirements

The following general requirements:

  • Six (6) s.h. of Humanities distribution credit
  • foreign language (same as for BA) unless the student is also pursuing a BS in another natural science. In such cases, the language requirement will be that of the other BS degree. If the other BS degree includes no language requirement, there will be no language requirement for the BS in mathematics.
  • Six (6) s.h. of social science distribution credit
  • PHYS 11A and PHYS 11B
  • WSC 001 and WSC 002

5b. Second Semester Electives

All Mathematics BS students except for those concentrating in Actuarial Science must take two courses from MATH 146, MATH 172, and MATH 173. Students pursuing the Actuarial Science option choose only one of the three courses and replace the second with MATH 138.  Any extra courses taken from Math 146 or 172 or 173 will count towards the Advanced Mathematics Elective requirement.

5c. Advanced Mathematics Electives

An additional nine (9) semester hours of mathematics numbered above 100 (excluding MATH 185 and 198B). 

Students pursuing the Actuarial Science Option are required to take MATH 137 and MATH 139, but must still complete the full nine (9) semester hours of advanced mathematics electives. Both MATH 137 and MATH 139 will count as six (6) semester hours towards the nine (9) required semester hours.

Note: MATH 138 will not count towards this requirement for students completing the Actuarial Science option.


5e. Physics 11 A/B

Students must complete both PHYS 11A and PHYS 11B

6. Options Requirements

The successful completion of one of the tracks listed below.

Actuarial Science Option

Completion of the following courses:

Applied Mathematics Option

Completion of 9 additional semester hours of mathematics numbered above 100, excluding MATH 185  and 198B 

Additionally, at least four courses selected from the following must be among the mathematics courses taken. 

Engineering Option

Completion of the following courses:

Mathematics Option

Completion of 9 additional hours of advanced mathematics courses, excluding MATH 185  and 198B , chosen under advisement.

Physics Option

Completion of PHYS 012A  and 012B , plus two courses selected from PHYS 104 , 118A , 140 . All mathematics courses and all advanced courses in other areas presented toward the fulfillment of the BS in Mathematics must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.

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