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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin

Video/Television and Business, BS Major in

The Bachelor of Science in Video/Television and Business is a 94-credit major that combines theory and practice across a wide range of television and business coursework.  Students must complete required coursework at the beginner level before choosing various advanced level courses in both production and studies.  A variety of courses in the Zarb School of Business round out the required subject matter.

To qualify for a BS major:

To qualify for a BS major:

Students must obtain a minimum grade of B- in RTVF production courses at the RTVF 020 through 029 and RTVF 040 through 049 levels.

Candidates for graduation from The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication  with the degree of Bachelor of Science must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Students must complete at least 124 semester hours with at least 24 hours in-residence in the major field of study. Transfer credits are subject to the approval of the Department of Radio, Television, Film  of The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication . They are approved only for those courses meeting the department’s curriculum requirements and course standards.
  2. Students must fulfill the BS requirements as listed under The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication , and
  3. Students must complete the program requirements listed under one of the BS majors.

Program Requirements - Total Semester Hours: 94

LHSC Foundation Courses - Semester Hours: 6

Related Liberal Arts Course - Semester Hours: 3

Chosen under advisement:

Related Rhetoric Course - Semester Hours: 3

Chosen under advisement:

Media and the Law Course - Semester Hours: 3

Practical Experience - Semester Hours: 5

Television Elective Courses - Semester Hours: 1

Internship or Liberal Arts Elective - Semester Hours: 3

LHSC Liberal Arts Electives - Semester Hours: 18

Chosen from any liberal arts designated courses (JRNL, MASS, PR, or RTVF) within The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication , chosen under advisement.

Related Zarb School of Business Core Courses - Semester Hours: 6

Zarb School of Business Electives - Semester Hours: 9

Chosen from Zarb School of Business courses, chosen under advisement (students are encouraged to concentrate on relevant coursework in the areas of Marketing, Legal Studies in Business, and Information Technology).

Note: Liberal Arts Requirement

Video/Television and Business majors must take a total of 72 Liberal Arts credits; completing all of the Liberal Arts classes above may not be sufficient to reach that minimum amount.  Additional Liberal Arts classes may need to be taken.  The Liberal Arts total needs to be monitored closely to complete sufficient credits.

Communication BS Program Requirements

BS Requirements  for The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication majors