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2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Geology, BS Major in

The BS degree provides a strong scientific background in the geosciences and is suitable for students who intend to pursue a career in research or graduate study in geoscience. 

Students enrolling in this major should meet with the department chair to plan their program of study prior to registering for courses.


Program Requirements - Total Semester Hours: 124

Candidates for graduation must fulfill the following requirements:

1. The Successful Completion of at Least 124 Semester Hours

The successful completion of at least 124 semester hours and a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in work completed at Hofstra.

2. Liberal Arts

At least 65 semester hours must be completed in the liberal arts, excluding courses in geology.

3. Residence Requirements

Two requirements must be completed in residence at Hofstra: 15 semester hours in the major field of specialization and the last 30 semester hours.  The 15 semester hours need not be included within the last 30 hours.

4. General Requirements

  • Humanities electives - Semester Hours: 6
  • Social science electives - Semester Hours: 6
    (The humanities and social science electives must be satisfied with approved distribution courses, see Distribution Courses .)

5. Major Requirements - Total Semester Hours: 61-62

a) Geology - Semester Hours: 33

33 semester hours in geology, including

c) Mathematics - Semester Hours: 6

Two semesters (minimum of six semester hours) of mathematics, including one semester of calculus (MATH 061 , 061A , 071 , 072 , or 073 ) and one course chosen under advisement.  Math courses that will not fulfill this requirement are MATH 004A , 004B , 030A  ,030B , 040  and 045 .  Students without high school calculus should consider taking MATH 050 - (MA) Precalculus  and MATH 061 , 061A , or 071  (Calculus).  Students are strongly advised to take a course in statistics such as MATH 008 , MATH 137 , or BIOL 124  (may be used to satisfy MATH requirement or BIO requirement, but not both).

d) Choose One Option From - Semester Hours: 6

  1. 6 semester hours in computer science, or
  2. 6 semester hours in biology, or
  3. 3 semester hours in computer science and 3 semester hours in biology.

Recommended Program Sequence - Total Hours: 124