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2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Music, BS Major in

Program Requirements

All students wishing to pursue a BS in music will be required to audition in their applied performance area. Students who do not perform at a level requisite for success in that degree program will be directed to work toward the Bachelor of Arts degree in music. Students may reaudition at any time for admittance to the BS program.

Candidates for graduation must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Total Semester Hours: 128

The successful completion of at least 128 semester hours and a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in work completed at Hofstra.

2. Liberal Arts

At least 65 hours must be completed in liberal arts courses with no fewer than 40 outside the Department of Music.

3. Residence Requirements

There are two requirements that must ordinarily be completed in residence at Hofstra: 15 semester hours in the major field of specialization and the last 30 semester hours. The 15 semester hours need not be included within the last 30 hours.

4. General Requirements

  • Humanities electives (excluding music) - 6  Semester Hours
  • 3 semester hours must be in a distribution appreciation and analysis course. (For listing of distribution courses, see Distribution Courses .)
  • Social science electives - 6  Semester Hours 
  • All music majors must take 3 semester hours in behavioral sciences (BH) and 3 semester hours in history and philosophy (HP) distribution courses, except that
    1. Music business majors must take ECO 001 , 002  as their social science requirement.
  • Natural science distribution course - 3 Semester Hours
  • Mathematics/computer science distribution course - 3 Semester Hours
  • Foreign language (fulfillment of BA language requirement.)
  • WSC 001 - Composition  Semester Hours: 3-4


       or placement examination. See University Degree requirements

5. The Fulfillment of the Following Major Requirements:

Music History Elective - 3 Semester Hours

as advised from:

Major Organization - 3 Semester Hours

as advised, from:

Chamber Ensemble - 3 Semester Hours

as advised, from:

Private Instruction (P-Level) - 4 Semester Hours

  • of Private Instruction (P-Level).

MUS 029 Concert Attendance

Music and Music Education  majors are required to attend 5 concerts per semester for a total of eight semesters.  See Music  Department for advisement.


The completion of the courses in one of the following concentrations:

A. Performance

3 Semester hours of Advanced Musicianship (MUS 065 )

14 hours of music performance (6 semester hours of C-level Private Instruction and 8 semester hours of D-level Private Instruction); at least 6, but not more than 12, hours of music elective courses, as advised.  Piano performance students must take:

B. Theory/Composition

Two (2) semester hours of Private Instruction (P level); two (2) semester hours of Composition (MUS 020P); four (4) semester hours of intermediate private instruction (MUS 120B) plus eight (8) semester hours of advanced private instruction (MUS 120D).

Twenty (20) s.h. of composition course requirements and six (6) additional s.h. in music electives.

C. History/Literature

History/Literature 18 additional hours in music history/ literature courses as advised; independent study in music bibliography

D. Music Business

Music Business Course Requirements (18 Credits): MUSB 100, MUSB 102, MUSB 103, MUSB 104, MUSB 105, MUSB 106 are required for Music Business Majors.

Music Electives (6 Credits): 6 additional credits in electives may be chosen in either Music, Music Business or Music Technology. 

Electives (6 Credits): 3 credits in Liberal Arts and 3 General elective credits are required. 

The social science requirement is ECO 001, ECO 002.

Fine Arts Course Requirements (9 Credits): FA 27, FA 51, FA 102A. 

Business Course Requirements (15 Credits): MKT 101 and ENTR 115 are required courses.   You will choose a track in either Marketing or Entrepreneurship for 9 additional credits.  MKT (choose three courses): MKT 124, MKT 132, MKT 133, MKT 175 or ENTR 120, ENTR 122, ENTR 123.

Music Requirements for Music Business Students

The following is a list of music requirements for music business students.

E. Jazz and Commercial Music

  • 6 semester hours of Advanced Private Instruction (101C-122C).


See the Music Department Notes  for additional information.

Complete BS Requirements

BS Requirements  in Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences