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2005-2006 Law Catalog 
2005-2006 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Part-Time Program - Day and Evening

Hofstra Law School’s four-year, part-time J.D. degree offers day and evening study to students who have schedules that prevent them from carrying a full course load. The academic requirements for the part-time program, except for duration, are identical to those of the full-time program. Part-time day students carry between nine and twelve credits each semester of the first year, and a minimum of eight credits thereafter. Evening students typically carry nine or ten credits each semester in the first year, and are required to take two credits during the first summer.

The evening program is designed to generally limit classes to three nights per week. During the first two years, the part-time program is filled largely by required courses. The third and fourth years are composed mainly of electives. Part-time students have the opportunity to participate in all facets of the Law School experience.

Students in the part-time program are required to take Lawyers’ Ethics or Ethics and Economics of Law Practice and to satisfy the two upper-class writing requirements, as are students in the full-time program. Students may be permitted to transfer from the part-time to the full-time program upon written application with the consent of the Dean’s designee. Students who are interested in transferring from parttime to full-time should speak with the Director of Part-Time Programs and consult the Law School Student Handbook and Registration Bulletin for additional information about transfer requirements and fees.

The Part-Time Day Program

The Part-Time Day Program consists of the following required courses:

Fall – First Year - Credits: 12

Spring – First Year - Credits: 9 to 11

Fall – Second Year - Credits: 6 to 8

Spring – Second Year - Credits: 6 to 8

Fall – Third Year - Credits: 0 to 2


*Legal Writing and Research may be taken during the first or second year.

**Appellate Advocacy can be taken during the second or third year.

The Part-Time Evening Program

Required programs for the Part-Time Evening Program are as follows:

Fall - First Year - Credits: 9 to 12

Spring Semester - First Year - Credits: 10 to 12

Summer - First Year - Credits: 2

Fall Semester - Second Year - Credits: 9 to 11

  • Electives - Credits: 0 to 2

Spring Semester - Second Year - Credit: 8 to 11


* This course can be taken during the first or second year.

** One half of the evening class is assigned to take Appellate Advocacy in the Fall, and the other half is assigned to take it in the Spring.