Jun 12, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin

Art, BA Major in

The BA major in Art is a 124 s.h program. The department fosters independent and creative thought, emphasizing art-making as a means of thinking about not only oneself, but our relationship to the world of ideas from multiple perspectives. Our Art major emphasizes technical skill and critical thinking, interdisciplinary work, collaboration and community. We encourage the fluidity of learning and see art and design as a bridge to all areas of study and research. Students who plan to major in Art are recommended to seek an advisor within the department to decide whether an emphasis should be on a studio art track, a design track or a customized track, to ensure pedagogical progression.

Program Requirements – Total Semester Hours: 124

Major Requirements – Total Semester Hours: 30-45

Students may not count more than 45 semester hours in Fine Arts (FA) and Art History (AH) courses toward the 124 credits for the BA.

Fine Arts and Design Courses – Total Semester Hours: 30

Required Courses: 9 semester hours

Select 2 courses: 6 semester hours

Choose from the following:

Select 1 course: 3 semester hours

Choose from the following:

Select any 7 courses: 21 Semester Hours

Choose from the following:

Complete BA Requirements

BA Requirements  in HCLAS.

Recommended Program Sequence - Total Hours: 124