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2007-2008 Graduate Studies Bulletin 
2007-2008 Graduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Educational Leadership, C.A.S.

Assistant Professor Thompson, Graduate Program Director, (516) 463-5749,

Program Overview

A five-semester, 30-semester hour program designed for educators who are preparing for entry-level leadership positions in public schools, the Certificate of Advanced Studies qualifies students for the New York State School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL) certifications. The goal of the program is to prepare creative, flexible, visionary and reflective leaders with the skills necessary to facilitate and improve the quality of learning for all students. Toward this end, students complete the required sequence of courses as a learning community and engage in class and field-based experiential learning projects designed to develop important leadership skills. In addition to course work, administrative candidates complete three semesters of supervised internships in multiple settings, tailored to individual career objectives. The CAS program is also fully transferable to the doctor of education (Ed.D.) program in educational and policy leadership.

Admission Requirements

Application for admission is made to the Graduate Admissions Office.

  1. Applicants for the CAS must have at least two years of PreK-12 certified teaching or pupil personnel experience and possess a master’s degree.
  2. Applicants must demonstrate strong analytic ability and leadership potential.
  3. Official transcripts.
  4. Three completed department recommendation forms.
  5. Current resume.
  6. Statement of purpose for advanced study in context of personal and professional goals.

Program Requirements - Semester Hours: 30

The program consists of 6 credits per semester for five continuous semesters (including summer). Course work typically begins in the fall semester. In the third, fourth, and fifth semesters, candidates combine course work and an administrative internship. A typical schedule is as follows:


Students’ progress and performance will be reviewed by the graduate director and program faculty at the completion of each semester.  Failure to demonstrate adequate progress toward completion of the program or maintain professional standards of behavior are grounds for probation and/or dismissal.

Students who receive an incomplete in any course in the program may not register for additional courses in the program without permission of the graduate director. 

Certification Requirements

Upon successful completion of the educational program, students will be eligible to apply for the University’s recommendation for New York state certification. Prior to recommendation, candidates must either attend seminars, or provide documentation of completion from an agency providing state-registered seminars, in the following areas: fire and arson; identification  of child abuse and maltreatment; school violence prevention and intervention; highway safety/prevention of child abduction; and prevention of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse. Candidates for certification in New York state must also demonstrate satisfactory performance on the requisite state assessment.