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2007-2008 Graduate Studies Bulletin 
2007-2008 Graduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Middle Childhood Extension (Grades 7-9), C.A.S.

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Associate Professor Stacki, Graduate Program Director, (516) 463-5783,  Sandra.L.Stacki@hofstra.edu

This advanced certificate program for middle childhood education is designed for graduate students who have New York state initial or professional teacher certification in grades 1-6. This program extends certification into grades 7-9.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission to this Advanced Certificate Program in Middle Childhood Education in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching must be in the process of completing or possess initial or professional certification in childhood education (Grades 1-6) and demonstrated completion of at least 30 semester hours of college course work in the subject area to be taught. This course work leads to the extension of teaching of a subject in grades 7-9. Applicable subject areas, each requiring completion of 30 s.h. in the content area (with advisement):

  • English: (undergraduate or graduate) beyond freshman composition
  • Language other than English (undergraduate course work) beyond intermediate level
  • Mathematics: (undergraduate or graduate) including 18 semester hours of nonintroductory course work including calculus I and II, probability and statistics, finite/discrete mathematics, higher geometry, linear algebra
  • Social Studies: (undergraduate or graduate course work) nonwestern history, United States history, European history/western civilization, economics and sociology
  • Biology: (undergraduate or graduate course work)
  • Chemistry: (undergraduate or graduate course work)
  • Geology: (undergraduate or graduate course work)
  • Physics: (undergraduate or graduate course work)

Applicants must submit a completed application form obtained from the Office of Graduate Admissions; possess a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher in all graduate course work; interview with the Middle Childhood Education Program Director.

Program Requirements - Semester Hours: 6

Graduation Requirements

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in overall graduate work.
  2. All course work taken in satisfaction of this certificate must have been taken within a five-year period.
  3. Completion of the New York State Content Specialty Test (CST) in the applicable subject area.

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