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2009-2010 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Irish Studies

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Administered by the Dean’s Office, Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Associate Professor Maney, Department of Sociology, Co-director, Adviser
Professor Murphy, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Co-director

Irish studies is an interdisciplinary minor program with rich course offerings on Ireland’s past and present. By studying the cultures, Diaspora, economy, history, politics, and social relations of Ireland, our minors develop an awareness of ways that the Irish have both shaped and been shaped by other societies, including the United States. Irish Studies provides a better understanding of several broader topics, including prominent aspects of Western dance, film, literature, music, philosophy, and theater; migration, globalization, regional integration, and economic development; and colonialism, nationalism, armed conflict, and peace processes. A minor in Irish studies will prepare students for careers in the arts, conflict resolution, international affairs, international business, education, and translation, as well as for advanced degrees in a wide range of subjects.

Minor requirements

Consists of the successful completion of 18 semester hours, distributed as follows:

1. Required Course

2. A minimum of 6 s.h. from each of the following two categories

Category I: Irish History, Politics, and Society

* Footnote

Note: Courses marked with an asterisk (*) must be taught by specific instructors. See one of the co-directors for advisement.

Category II: Irish Cultures

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