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2009-2010 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Psychology, B.A. Major in

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The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Major in Psychology is a program of study that:

  • Exposes students to concepts and research from multiple theoretical perspectives on behavior and mental processes
  • Trains students in the scientific method and engages them in behavioral research

Within these program goals the B.A. in Psychology also helps carry out the mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: students of psychology are taught to think critically about truth claims involving behavior, and to reason and communicate scientifically. The B.A. in Psychology prepares students for work and/or graduate study in a wide range of fields outside of psychology including business, education, health, law, and technology. The B.A. in Psychology is preparation for graduate study in psychology, and for careers in behavioral research and human service professions.

Program Requirements

A Psychology major consists of 33 semester hours distributed as follows:

1. Required Psychology Courses (11 s.h.)

2. Category electives: - Semester Hours: 9

Three (3) of the following courses with at least 1 course from each category (9 hours):

a) Biophysical

b) Learning/Cognitive

c) Developmental/Social/Clinical

4. General electives: Semester hours: 9

Three (3) additional PSY courses.

5. ETS Major Field Test

The ETS Major Field Test in Psychology is required of all majors and is to be taken in the senior year.

6. Grade requirement

All courses for the major require a grade of C- or better.

* Footnote:

One (1) of the following is a prerequisite for PSY 40:

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