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2012-2013 Graduate Studies Bulletin 
2012-2013 Graduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Marketing Research, M.S.

Offered by the Department of Marketing and International Business, the Master of Science in Marketing Research is designed to meet the demands of professionals who want to assume specialized responsibilities in the field of marketing research.

Objectives of the Master of Science in Marketing Research

  • To prepare students for middle- to upper-level positions within the marketing research function at various organizations or marketing research firms.
  • To develop marketing research specialists who can understand and assess marketing information needs, coordinate multiple research projects, analyze data, and determine the implications of marketing research data on marketing strategy.
  • To enhance students’ quantitative and qualitative research skills

Requirements for M.S. Programs

Residency Requirements

Residency workshops cover library information resources, calculus for business applications, information technology, and statistics for business applications respectively. Full-time students must complete them during the first semester in which they begin. Part-time students must complete them within the first two semesters. Documentation of completion must be submitted to the Graduate Programs Office in order for students to register for the subsequent semester. The calculus for business applications, information technology, and statistics for business applications workshops may be satisfied through previous equivalent undergraduate or graduate course work taken within a specific time frame with a B or better grade at an accredited college or university or through satisfactory performance on a proficiency examination administered by the appropriate department within the Zarb School of Business. Students will receive with their letter of admission information about which residency requirements, if any, have been met through prior course work.

The following Library Information Resources Workshop is required of all students: (No credit)

The following Workshops may be required depending upon academic preparation: (No credit)

*English Proficiency Requirement is for international students

In addition, newly admitted international students are required to take an English placement exam during fall and spring orientation. The exam consists of a short writing task on a topic of general interest and a standardized test including listening comprehension, grammar and reading comprehension. Results are reviewed and students are interviewed by the Hofstra English Language Program (ELP) faculty, who make the decision as to what, if any, ELP class the student should take. All international students who are placed in the ELP class must complete the course during the first semester in which they begin an M.B.A. program and must receive a grade of P (Pass). The ELP class will carry no credit. A fee equivalent to 2.0 s.h. is charged for this course. A grade of P (pass) is required or the course has to be repeated the following semester. The same fee equivalent will be charged for the repeated course.

Program Requirements - Semester Hours: 33

  • See Requirements for M.S. Programs (above).

Choose From - Semester Hours: 3

One of the following IT/QM courses, selected under advisement, 3 s.h.

Choose From - Semester Hours: 3

One marketing elective, selected under advisement, 3 s.h.


Students who have taken at least 18 semester hours in Marketing with a B average or better prior to enrolling in the M.S. in Marketing program may substitute a graduate Marketing elective for MKT 203.