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2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Psychology, BS Major in

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This program is designed for students who wish to concentrate their undergraduate studies in psychology and continue post-graduate studies in medicine or other health-related professions. Of course, completion of this program does not carry with it a specific guarantee of admittance to a graduate medical/health program. It provides these students with a solid background in basic biomedical sciences as well as in behavioral and cognitive sciences.  Students within this major are provided training in the critical evaluation of research in behavior and human health, the effective communication of scientific research data, and exposure to diverse health-related issues in contemporary society.  By bridging scientific methodology with the cognitive and social aspects of human behavior, this program is uniquely positioned to offer pre-medical and pre-health students a foundation in the knowledge and skills required for success in a variety of health services and health administration professions.

The BS program requires a minimum of 33 s.h. in psychology course work and at least 36 s.h. in a combination of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics course work as required for pre-health and pre-medical studies. An additional requirement of 6 s.h. in cognate course work exposes students to courses in the humanities and social sciences that are relevant for future work in a variety of health services and health administration professions. Grades lower than a C- in any of the required courses do not count toward the total number of semester hours earned for this degree.

Students will be assigned an adviser when they declare the major and must plan their schedules in consultation with their adviser. They must maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA overall and in the required sciences to enter and remain in this program.

Candidates for graduation must successfully complete the following requirements.

1. Total Semester Hours – Minimum 124

A minimum of 124 s.h. with a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or better in work completed at Hofstra.

Military Science 001C , 001E , 002C , 002E  and associated leadership laboratories may not be counted toward this total semester hour requirement.

2. Liberal Arts Courses – Semester Hours: 60 minimum

A minimum of 60 s.h. must be completed in liberal arts courses.

3. Residency Requirements

At least 15 semester hours in psychology and the last 30 semester hours of the degree must be completed in-residence at Hofstra.  Questions about the residency requirement with regard to biology and/or chemistry courses should be addressed through advisement.

4. General Requirements

  • WSC 001  and 002  or placement examination (see University Degree Requirements )

  • Distribution Course Requirement (for listing of distribution courses see the Distribution Courses )

    • 6 semester hours in humanities: 3 hours from Literature (LT) or Appreciation and Analysis (AA), and  3 hours from Creative Participation (CP).

    • 6 semester hours in social sciences: 3 hours in Behavioral Social Sciences (BH), and 3 hours in History and Philosophy (HP).

5. GPA Requirements

Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or better and a grade point average of 3.2 or better in all science courses to remain in the program.  If a student does not maintain the proper cumulative grade point average, he/she will be allowed one additional semester in the program to raise his/her GPA.  If at the end of that semester, his/her grade point average does not meet the requirements, the student will be dropped from the program.  Students should be aware that a change in program will change course requirements for graduation.

6. The Following Major and Additional Requirements:

A. Psychology Courses – Total Semester Hours: 33

1. Required introductory and methodological courses:

2. Essential Electives:

Twelve (12) s.h. chosen from:

3. Specialty/Applied Electives:

Six (6) additional elective s.h. chosen from:

B. Mathematics Requirement – Total Semester Hours: 4

One (1) of the following courses (serves as a prerequisite for PSY 040 ):

E. Recommended Courses (See footnote*)

The following courses are strongly recommended and are often required for admission to professional school. Please consult with the pre-health advisor for additional information.

For medical school:

For veterinary school:

For dental school:

Courses in the fine arts that develop manual dexterity

For other pre-health studies:

As advised by the Pre-Health Advisor, Center for University Advisement


*Students should be aware that courses in the noted lists may have prerequisites that must be fulfilled prior to enrolling.

Complete BS Requirements

BS Requirements  in Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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