May 24, 2019  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Scientific Reasoning and Data Analysis, Minor in

Professor Eliot, Adviser

The minor in scientific reasoning and data analysis engages students with both theoretical foundations of scientific reasoning and practical strategies for moving from data to scientific understanding. As an interdisciplinary program, the minor integrates philosophy of science, mathematics, and computing. Though primarily designed for students majoring in a particular science, the minor is also appropriate for students in any major wanting to learn how critically to assess the scientific basis of claims.

Minor Requirements - Total Semester Hours: 18

The minor consists of 18 semester hours of required and elective courses listed below, with at least six hours in-residence. No individual course may satisfy more than one category below. Students should also be aware that some courses listed below require prerequisites; see individual course listings. Students may use no more than three credits from 1-credit courses to satisfy the requirements of the minor.

A. Philosophy of Science - Semester Hours: 6 minimum

At least 6 s.h. are required from among the following courses:

B. Statistical Reasoning - Semester Hours: At least 6

At least 6 s.h. are required from among the following courses, including at least 3 s.h. in MATH:

C. Computing for Data Analysis - Semester Hours: 3

D. Electives - Semester Hours: At least 3

At least 3 s.h. are required from among the following courses, or additional courses from List A or B. Further courses, including special topics courses, may be eligible to be electives with the approval of the minor’s adviser.


Consult program advisor for other elective courses.